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Welcome to the second edition of RapidLEI’s new weekly LEI briefing. In this series, we aim to bring the latest news from the LEI ecosystem, so you can start the week one step ahead.

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GLEIF: January’s monthly Global LEI Data Quality Report now available

The GLEIF issues monthly data quality reports to demonstrate the level of data quality achieved overall, as well as for each individual LEI Issuer (LOU – Local Operating Unit).

We believe in transparency around data quality:

  • Data quality stats are included in the LEI Stats.
  • RapidLEI’s GLEIF report is republished every month on the LEI Data Quality page (included below).
  • See all LOU reports at the GLEIF website.
Data Quality Report Ubisecure Jan 21

Source: GLEIF


GLEIF & SWIFT: January’s BIC-to-LEI Relationship File now available

For the past three years, a monthly BIC-to-LEI relationship file has been published. The Business Identifier Code (BIC) to LEI relationship file is built upon a mapping process established by SWIFT & certified by the GLEIF. It allows gathering, aggregating & reconciling counterparty information across these parallel identity platforms.

Find the file from January (and previous months) on the GLEIF website.


More LEI news from around the web

  • ASC X9 – Register for a webinar this week on ‘LEI Digital Strategy – Digital Certificates and Introducing the verifiable LEI (vLEI)’. Speakers include: Stephan Wolf, GLEIF CEO and Karla McKenna, Head of Standards GLEIF and Managing Director at GLEIF Americas.
  • United Nations Statistics – The endorsement of a Global Group Register (GGR) – a global register of multinational enterprise (MNE) groups to improve the understanding and the measurement of international trade and globalisation statistics.
  • Factly (India) – Review: How have the ‘Digital Payment’ systems evolved in the last decade? 
  • XBRL – GLEIF enhances access to rich LEI data – announcing enhancements to the GLEIF’s LEI search engine
  • Market Screener – EEX European Energy Exchange: Required Quality Review of the Order Data for Exchange Trading 


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