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Discover, register and manage enterprise and client LEIs in bulk with the world’s largest LEI Issuer

EnterpriseLEI makes it simple to manage the entire lifecycle of every LEI Number, both within your group and those belonging to clients. Lower your LEI subscription costs and reduce lapsed LEI risk with the leading LEI management platform.

LEI enterprise

Register Legal Entity Identifiers at scale, faster and easier than ever before

LEI application assistance

Predictive application assistance finds legal entity company details, ensuring greater accuracy, speed, and streamlined LEI application workflow

Bulk LEI registration

Initiate LEI registrations in bulk to issue large numbers of LEIs for organizations, trusts, and funds, including client LEIs

LEI link to business registries

Real time linking to the global business registries greatly accelerates the LEI registration process

Discover, manage, and plan LEIs more effectively

Manage the full LEI lifecycle across your group and your clients, in a single modern dashboard

Manage LEI

Identify all LEIs issued within your group and transfer to your account

Automated processes allow you to effortlessly add LEIs in bulk or individually

Multi-year LEIs reduce renewal frequency, and automated renewal minimizes lapse risk

Consolidate fragmented LEIs from other LOUs and import into a single EnterpriseLEI account

Instant status, reporting & analytics

Stay on top of your Legal Entity Identifiers
  • A single dashboard view to gain actionable insights into LEI number status
  • Track critical lifecycle actions in real-time to avoid lapse risk and regulatory fines:  including renewals, incomplete registrations, lapsed LEIs
  • Report across complex organization groups, both internally and external clients


LEI Group Structure Reporting

Simplify complex group entity management

Visualize level 2 hierarchy data for direct and ultimate parent entities
  • Simplify Parental entity reporting requirements using real time business registry sources
  • Intuitive, easier LE-RR (Legal Entity Relationship Record) data entry
  • Single-click LEI number registrations for Level 2 Parents organizations

The commercial benefits of working with the #1 global LEI Issuer

Working with RapidLEI gives you so much more than just the leading LEI management platform
  • Dedicated Account Manager to help you manage your LEI inventory and prepares transfers and renewals
  • Volume pricing gives deep discounts over buying single, ad-hoc LEIs
  • Manage internal and client LEIs with either single or multiple accounts, using just a single agreement
  • 24/7 LEI issuance and customer support



Application Integration

Build LEI issuance and entity management capabilities into your own application easily
  • The only same-session LEI issuance API
  • Register LEI numbers, accounts, import LEIs, query on status, confirm data quality
  • EnterpriseLEI automation logic handles the complexity of the application validation

OEM EnterpriseLEI platform for accredited LOUs

EnterpriseLEI is available under license as a whitelabel solution for accredited or pre-accredited Legal Operating Units (LOU). Gain the automation and LEI management functionality of RapidLEI under your own LOU brand.

OEM LEI Platform

Volume LEIs for EnterpriseLEI

Available for banks, asset managers and enterprises managing larger
numbers of LEIs via the EnterpriseLEI platform.

Number of Active LEI Registrations

DISCOUNT 250+ 500+ 1000+
1 year $60.00 $55.00 $50.00 Contact Sales
2 years


$55.00 $99.00 $90.00 Contact Sales
3 years


$153.00 $140.25 $176.00 Contact Sales
4 years


$192.00 $176.00 $160.00 Contact Sales
5 years


$225.00 $206.25 $187.50 Contact Sales