Legal Entity Identifiers – the backbone of trusted organization identity

Meet regulatory requirements, streamline on-boarding and KYC with RapidLEI – the #1 accredited LEI Issuer worldwide

PROMO FOR US ORGANIZATIONS: 1 YEAR LEI only $60. Further multi-year discounts available.

Legal Entity Identifiers – the backbone of trusted organization identity

Meet regulatory requirements, streamline on-boarding and KYC with RapidLEI – the #1 accredited LEI Issuer worldwide

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RapidLEI top issuer globally


Issued LEIs


Issued LEIs


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Included with your GLEIF accredited LEI: 24/7 same day issuance, automated registration process, highest entity data quality, 5 star customer service.

An excellent online service

Clear guidance in process, effective application and fast response.

RapidLEI Customer

Seamless & Effortless

Seamless and effortless. Our first LEI application processed and approved in under 1 hour. Superb efficiency. Highly recommended and the only way to get a LEI. Well done to the RapidLEI team.

RapidLEI Customer

Brilliant Customer Service

Excellent service especially on a Sunday! Had an email and a further telephone call to help with a technical query.

Gary B.

Very Quick Process

Immediately received LEI after completing all of the required steps.

Robert Vallair LLC

Really happy with the issuance process…

Quick, most of the forms were pre-filled based on company lookup data and their team verified the data quickly. Took a total of maybe 10 minutes or clicking through forms and 3 hours of waiting and our company had a LEI issued.

RapidLEI Customer

LEI for CA corporate in 24 hours

Needed LEI for a Canadian company as per requirement to comply with EU regulations. RapidLEI is legit partner of GLEIF as per gleif website. Price was lower than all competitors and I received my LEI in less than 24 hours.

RapidLEI Customer

Very easy and efficient

Most pleased with the service - and good value.

Jeremy Read

Quick, easy

The best service on the market for rapid issuance and management of LEIs.


Highly Recommended for Simple and Quick LEIs

Great service, simple website, easy to complete, great support - much simpler than alternative options I have tried. I'd recommend RapidLEI to any first time LEI requestors.

Gavin Black, Pure Group CFO

Best place to get your LEI.

Seamless and well built intuitive interface with zero hassles.

Apurva Mody

Introduction to LEIs video

WATCH: Intro to LEIs and RapidLEI

Get LEI quickly video

WATCH: 99 second registration

RapidLEI is #1!

  • Top issuer for new validated LEIs by volume
  • Highest reported LEI data quality
  • Best renewal rate, lowest lapsed LEI rate
  • Highest quarterly and annual growth
  • Top destination for transferred LEIs

You are in good hands and good company with RapidLEI. Enjoy better customer service, one click renewal, lower costs, and simplified global Legal Entity Identifier management.

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Why do I need an LEI?

No LEI, no Trade!


A Legal Entity Identifier is a 20-character globally recognized organization identifier as defined by the ISO 17442 standard. The LEI code is endorsed by the G20 and managed by the Global Legal Entity Identifier (GLEIF) and the LEI Regulatory Oversight Committee (LEI-ROC) – making it the most important global identifier. Organizations should have LEIs to be compliant with regulation, enable trust in their identity and assert their legitimacy. Here are our main reasons to get one:

Why Choose RapidLEI for your Legal Entity Identifiers?

Obtaining an LEI has never been as easy. We provide automated, fast and easy Legal Entity Identifier number management. Reduce costs and risk, and do more with your legal identifier codes.

RapidLEI Legal Entity Identifier Dashboard

24/7 Legal Entity Identifier issuance

24/7 around the clock issuance,
including weekends

Fast LEI issuance

Automated LEI application process –
issued in minutes

#1 LEI issuer

#1 global LEI issuer and #1 for data quality
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Trustpilot review

5 star customer satisfaction
score on Trustpilot
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Legal Entity Identifier discounts

Low LEI prices and
multi-year discounts

Weekend LEI issuance

EnterpriseLEI for complete
lifecycle management
Learn about EnterpriseLEI

Latest advancements in the global LEI ecosystem

Introducing the GLEIF Validation Agent framework

LEI Referrer Partners

For Financial Institutions, Banks & Trust Service Providers to streamline onboarding, KYC, AML, and validation by consolidating duplicative validation and Legal Entity Identifier registration processes in the financial system.

Verifiable LEI - vLEIAnnouncing support for the Verifiable LEI (vLEI)

The new service based on a digitally verifiable credential containing the Legal Entity Identifier. vLEI enables automated trusted identity verification between counterparties. Gain non-repudiable identification data pertaining to Legal Status, Ownership Structure, and Authorized Representatives & Employees.

Use your Legal Entity Identifier to sign in to services

Sign in with RapidLEI

‘Sign in with RapidLEI’ uses your organization’s global Legal Identifier to provide a fast, secure, and privacy-friendly way for employees and representatives to authenticate themselves and their rights to represent an organization.

Get ready for the new GLEIF Conformity Flag

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Conformity Flag

The upcoming Conformity Flag will only be active for LEIs that achieve completeness and quality for their legal entity reference data record. Learn how RapidLEI maximizes your chance to achieve the flag.

Developers First


Our documentation, sample code, and developer tools makes registering and issuing Legal Entity Identifiers within your own application very fast and very easy. The platform automation logic will handle the application validation seamlessly to let you build same-session issuance into your workflows or product with minimal effort. API integration available for Registration Agents, Validation Agents and enterprise customers.


Find local LEI supplier

Looking for a local provider?

RapidLEI has the largest network of global certified local partners – Registration Agents and Validation Agents approved by Global LEI Foundation. Get local language, support, currency and expertise.

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