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The only GLEIF accredited LEI Issuer to provide fully automated LEI registrations

The fastest way to register LEIs

No need to wait. No need to fax documents. No need to worry about application errors. Get your LEI in minutes, not days.

Registering an LEI has never been easier

Our cloud based LEI automation algorithms automate the application process and do all the heavy lifting for you.

The smartest platform to manage LEIs

Our modern cloud platform makes it simple to manage many LEIs for your direct organisation(s) or on behalf of your clients.

Register, Transfer or Renew a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)


Transfer Existing LEI

Transfer existing Legal Entity Identifier and get all the benefits of the RapidLEI platform! Free transfer then renew at renewal prices.


    •  Free Transfer of LEI Number
    •  Keep existing LEI Number
    •  Renew at Renewal Prices

Transfer LEI & Renew

Register NEW LEI

Promo Pricing!

Buy Legal Entity Identifier – register a new LEI for your own organisation or on behalf of your client.

$65 p.a.

  •  Get your LEI in just minutes
  •  Simple application process
  •  LEI management portal
  •  Annual price displayed
  •  Price excludes $17 p.a. GLEIF fee

Register NEW LEI

Renew LEI

Renew Legal Entity Identifier before it expires!

$50 p.a.

  •  Annual price displayed
  •  Price excludes $17 p.a. GLEIF fee

Renew LEI

  • Compared to one of the competing providers (which was unusable) the RapidLEI service was a piece of cake. It was also half the price!
  • Very straightforward web application and a quick response phone call from a person when I had a query.
    Dr Bill Robb
  • Increiblemente rapido y sencillo, y encima a muy buen precio, el mas barato de todos los que he encontrado.
  • Very fast indeed, easy enough and reasonably priced, too.
  • Rapid and simple to use.
    Alistair Murray

Register your LEI in 99 seconds!

RapidLEI is fully automated and makes it easy for you to apply, manage and use your LEIs efficiently.
Less form filling, less clicks means more time to spend on running your business!

See how fast and easy a registration really is:

Watch 99 second LEI registration

1. Start Typing Org Name

In real time we search the global registries to find your company. Auto-fill means we do the heavy lifting.

2. Sign Online

eSign the mandatory timestamped contract online or electronically delegate to a company official. No printing, no faxing needed – completely online.

3. Confirm Relationships

If other companies exist in your group, simply confirm the group parents and subsidiaries.

4. Managed Registered LEIs

Use the RapidLEI portal to plan effectively and manage your pending, issued and expiring LEIs across your group.

Manage LEIs on behalf of your Clients

Gain a competitive advantage and earn recurring commission for every LEI sold. Offer Legal Entity Identifiers to your clients without the need to be an accredited Local Operating Unit (LOU) or Registration Agent (RA). And because the RapidLEI platform automates the LEI issuance process, there’s no overheads or work needed.

An LEI management platform built for modern business

RapidLEI has built an LEI platform that uses advanced algorithms and integrated services to make managing the lifecycle of LEIs effortless.

  • Register LEIs faster and easier than anywhere else
  • Plan effectively – avoid lapsed LEIs
  • Get instant status and reporting across groups
  • Easy group relationship setup
  • Support for Client Agents and Referrers

Want to see what else the RapidLEI platform can do for you?

More LEI Platform Features

Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) Dashboard

Why do you need a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

A Legal Entity Identifier (or LEI), is a 20-character identifier that identifies distinct legal entities that engage in financial transactions. It is defined by ISO 17442 standard and is intended to be “the one identity behind every business”. The LEI is a global standard, designed to identify legal entities involved in financial and other corporate transactions of value. The standard delivers greater marketplace transparency for market regulators with identity reporting requirements such as MiFID II, MiFIR & EMIR, and is designed to be non-proprietary and freely accessible data.

RapidLEI is the trading name for the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) service from Ubisecure a Local Operating Unit (LOU) of the Global Legal Entity Identifier System and accredited issuer of LEIs.