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LEI Registration API

Build Legal Entity Identifier registration & renewal directly into onboarding, KYC/KYB or applications using Verified Organizations.

LEI Registration API - RapidLEI

The RapidLEI LEI Registration API gives developers the flexibility to build automated LEI issuance and management into applications quickly and easily.

The LEI Registration API makes searching for LEIs & organizations, and then registering and issuing Legal Entity Identifiers easy and fast. Use the executable API descriptions (Postman Collection), documentation, sample code, and developer tools you need to easily build same-session LEI issuance into Know Your Customer (KYC) / Know Your Business (KYB) applications and workflows. The RapidLEI automation logic will handle the complexity of the application validation.

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LEI Lookup API

Published by the GLEIF:

  • Find Legal Entities by name
  • Search by LEI
  • Find LEIs by BIC Code
  • Display parents of an LEI
  • Display children of an LEI

GLEIF API Documentation
GLEIF API Demo Application

LEI Registration API - dashboard

LEI Registration API for Registration Agents & Validation Agents

Published by RapidLEI:

  • Create New LEI
  • Import Existing LEI
  • Check LEI Order Status
  • Query all LEIs
  • Confirm LE-RD Data Quality
  • Authentication – Request Access Token
  • Accounts – Create User

LEI Registration API Documentation

Why use the LEI Registration API?

Built in organization identity automation


Automate LEI registrations

Avoid manual ordering, faster than bulk uploading. Build into KYC/KYB applications and workflows for on-demand registration and same session issuance. GLEIF Validation Agent ready.


Easy to implement

Modern REST API with plenty of guides, reference documents and code snippets to make implementing fast and simple.


Better customer experience

Streamlined LEI registration means a better user experience for your customers and partners


New revenue streams

LEIs represent a significant standalone revenue opportunity, and API integration offers more strategic opportunities to meet  new use cases

LEI Registration API – how industries can benefit

Banking, FinTech, & GLEIF Validation Agents

Build on-demand LEI requests and same session LEI issuance into KYC/KYB onboarding, organization identity verification and trades workflows. Fully supports the GLEIF Validation Agent (VA) framework.

LEI Banking Solutions

GLEIF Registration Agents

Reduce back office workload as you streamline how you deliver LEIs to your customers under management.

Become a GLEIF Registration Agent

Asset Managers & Investment Managers

Build on-demand LEI requests and same session issuance trades workflows – avoid “no LEI no trade” scenarios.

Asset & Investment Manager Solutions

Company & Brand Management

Add further value to clients by offering LEI registration directly from your entity or brand management solution. Identify LEI errors, gaps and lapses in LEI compliance and fix the issue in the same session.

Company & Brand Management Solutions

Certificate Authorities (CA)

Build on-demand issuance for LEI inclusion in Digital Certificates, validation workflows, and reselling standalone LEIs. Reduce organization validation costs/time, reduce risks of mis-issuance, allow for automated issuance of organization validated Certificates. Capitalise on LEI post issuance quality checks and live data lookups.

LEI for Certificate Authorities

Digital Signature & ESEF Requirements

Embed trusted organization identity in digital signatures and digitally signed XBRL & PDF documents. Meet new European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) regulation for European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) Annual Reports.

LEI in Digital Signatures & eIDAS

LEI API Languages

Building your application

You’ve got an idea in mind of how LEIs can add value to your product, your workflow or your bottom line. Let’s get it to production. The LEI Registration API guides and reference docs will get you across the deploy line using the language of your choice.