How to Reactivate a lapsed LEI

Your Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) must be renewed annually to remain ACTIVE. Failure to renew it will put the LEI into a LAPSED status in the Global LEI System index. Lapsed status is not good for your organization, it could mean transactions are blocked or the risk of non-compliance fines.

Don’t worry, RapidLEI has a Team of specialists who can help renew lapsed LEIs and return them to ACTIVE status quickly:

  • Click on the below button
  • Log into your RapidLEI account, or if you are not already a RapidLEI account holder, follow the instructions to create an account
  • Complete and submit the LEI registration
  • If your LEI is currently managed elsewhere, follow the instructions to transfer

Don’t worry. The team monitors all registrations and will be in touch with you if they see any issues, inconsistencies or if they need further information.


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