Register LEI via ICC or C4DTI

  1. Go to and click on a START HERE button.
  2. Complete the Account Signup and click on the link sent via the Activation email.
  3. Log into your RapidLEI account and click NEW LEI.
  4. Enter your Company name/number to retrieve the record and click “add to cart”.
  5. Select “Continue with LEI registration or add more LEIs”.
  6. Select the Validity. We recommend multi-year for better discounts.
  7. Pay using a Credit/Debit card.
  8. Agree/disagree to the data we’ve found on your company (or enter manually if you are a Trust/Fund).
  9. Enter Parental relationship information if you know it.
  10. We establish signing authority via the Companies House Registry in one of three ways:
    • If you are listed on the registry as an Officer choose “I can Esign as NAME”.
    • If you are not listed in the registry as an Officer you can have an Officer sign a Letter of Authorisation giving you permission. Select the person who has signed the LOA and upload document.
    • If you want to delegate to an Officer that is listed, choose “Delegate Signing”. Select the person you are sending to and enter their email address then continue
  11. Sign the Terms – click, Start, then Sign, then click Close in the top right.
  12. Return to Dashboard. A Client Service member will get in touch if further information is needed. Status updates are presented in the Dashboard.

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