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An excellent online service

Clear guidance in process, effective application and fast response.

RapidLEI Customer

Seamless & Effortless

Seamless and effortless. Our first LEI application processed and approved in under 1 hour. Superb efficiency. Highly recommended and the only way to get a LEI. Well done to the RapidLEI team.

RapidLEI Customer

Brilliant Customer Service

Excellent service especially on a Sunday! Had an email and a further telephone call to help with a technical query.

Gary B.

Very Quick Process

Immediately received LEI after completing all of the required steps.

Robert Vallair LLC

Really happy with the issuance process…

Quick, most of the forms were pre-filled based on company lookup data and their team verified the data quickly. Took a total of maybe 10 minutes or clicking through forms and 3 hours of waiting and our company had a LEI issued.

RapidLEI Customer

LEI for CA corporate in 24 hours

Needed LEI for a Canadian company as per requirement to comply with EU regulations. RapidLEI is legit partner of GLEIF as per gleif website. Price was lower than all competitors and I received my LEI in less than 24 hours.

RapidLEI Customer

Very easy and efficient

Most pleased with the service - and good value.

Jeremy Read

Quick, easy

The best service on the market for rapid issuance and management of LEIs.


Highly Recommended for Simple and Quick LEIs

Great service, simple website, easy to complete, great support - much simpler than alternative options I have tried. I'd recommend RapidLEI to any first time LEI requestors.

Gavin Black, Pure Group CFO

Best place to get your LEI.

Seamless and well built intuitive interface with zero hassles.

Apurva Mody

Improved the speed!

The company has significantly improved the speed of data processing and reduced the waiting time for reference data changes for the LEIs we support.

RapidLEI customers

Why Choose RapidLEI to Register your UK Company LEI Number?

24/7 Legal Entity Identifier issuance

Fast, 24/7 around the clock issuance,
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Fast LEI issuance

Automated application process –
LEIs are issued in minutes

#1 LEI issuer

#1 Global LEI Issuer and #1 for LEI data quality
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5 star customer satisfaction
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Weekend LEI issuance

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Get your UK Company LEI fast

RapidLEI is fully automated and connects to Companies House to make it fast and easy for you to register, manage and use your LEIs efficiently. No paper form filling, printing, manual signing and scanning means more time to spend on running your business!

Start typing your Organization name

Start with a secure LEI Management account

Get started with an LEI management account to keep all your LEIs in a safe place. You just need your name and email to open the account.

Electronically sign in browser

Then we find your registered Legal Entity

Start a registration by typing your Legal Entity name and in real time we search UK Companies House to find your company. Or your fund or trust name. We auto-fill the reference data we need to make it easy for you.

LEI is published to GLEIF database

Your LEI is published to the Global LEI System

Most applications are auto-verified, so once your newly issued LEI number is then published to the Global LEI Index – the master global directory of all Legal Entity Identifiers accessible by all stakeholders.

What is a Legal Entity Identifier?

LEIs for Banks

LEIs are G20-endorsed identifier codes that provide a publicly available verifiable source of ‘who is who’ (organsation identity) and ‘who owns whom’ (organisation group structures). The system is operated by the Global LEI Foundation (GLEIF). A limited number of organisations (like Ubisecure RapidLEI) become LEI Issuers (also known as LOUs in the LEI ecosystem) after passing a stringent accreditation process.

Who needs an LEI number in the UK?

The UK International ICC support LEI

200,000 organisations, funds and trusts in the UK have been issued a Legal Entity Identifier. This is driven by the need to be compliant with regulation, enable trust in their identity and assert their legitimacy in financial transactions and global trade, especially important in the post-Brexit world. LEIs are used in many B2B Know Your Customer and onboarding processes.

Legal Entity Identifier Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to create a RapidLEI account?

Your LEI is an asset, and it needs to be managed properly and securely. Creating an account is the first step to get your LEI, and it just requires your name and email address. Your account will give you the ability to renew your LEI with a single click, and order more LEIs for group companies quickly.

Why do LEIs from RapidLEI cost less than other LEI Issuers?

In order for every organisation in the world to obtain an LEI code we need an LEI issuing platform that can scale. We built a solution that automates the LEI application process by connecting to the worldwide business registries in real time. This makes applications faster, and it makes the operational costs much lower. We pass on these savings to you by providing LEIs at a much lower cost than any of our competitors.

Does RapidLEI issue accredited LEIs recognised for UK regulation?

RapidLEI is one of about 8 LEI Issuers, also known as LOUs (Local Operating Units), accredited to issue LEIs to organisations, funds and trusts in the UK. RapidLEI was accredited in June 2018 and we sit alongside the London Stock Exchange Group in our support for growing the LEI ecosystem. We supply registration, renewal and other LEI services for legal entities wishing to utilise LEIs in the UK.

Who is the GLEIF?

The Global LEI Foundation (GLEIF) was established by the Financial Stability Board and the G20 in 2014. The GLEIF is tasked to support the implementation and use of the LEI.

How fast is RapidLEI growing?

Since launching in 2018 the GLEIF has consistently recognised RapidLEI has the fastest growing LEI Issuer. RapidLEI is the #1 issuer of new LEIs globally and the #1 LEI Issuer for data quality. You can track LEI growth and data quality statistics from major LEI Issuers at

Do you have to be a registered company to get an LEI?

LEI codes can be issued to registered companies and subsidiaries, non-profit organisations, sole proprietors, international branch offices, funds and trusts. Ask us if you are not sure about your status.

How long will it take to issue my LEI?

The RapidLEI platform uses automation and connects directly to Companies House to make the LEI application process quick and easy. Many LEIs are issued in just minutes, but if company identity data needs additional human-based checks, it takes a little longer. If this is the case, we still issue your LEI in just hours, and almost always on the same day as application.

I would like to renew my existing LEI with RapidLEI

Only the LEI Issuer managing the LEI can renew the LEI. If you want to renew an existing LEI with RapidLEI, you must first transfer it to RapidLEI. This is a simple process and our web forms guide you through the process (click for LEI transfer process).

How do I find my LEI to see if it is lapsed?

You can use our Search LEI tool to find out the current status. We connect to the live global LEI index to check, and depending on status our system will help you renew, register, or reactivate a lapsed LEI quickly (click for urgent lapsed lei issues).

Who is Ubisecure?

Ubisecure is an identity services technology provider and the GLEIF accredited organisation behind RapidLEI. We develop SaaS, cloud solutions, and on-premise software for Identity & Access Management. LEIs are central to our vision on providing security and identity services for the organisation identity domain.

Does RapidLEI have local partners?

You can buy LEI codes from RapidLEI directly, or you can buy from our global network of dozens of certified Registration Agent partners. RapidLEI works only with Registration Agent partners who add local expertise such as language support, regulatory understanding, currency support and more.

Go to the RapidLEI partner directory to find a local partner in your country.

If you wish to become a Registration Agent, speak to the LEI Partner Team.

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