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RapidLEI’s LEI Marketplace offers a growing base of solutions that utilize LEIs.

Because RapidLEI offers the industry’s only same-session issuance API, our open API libraries allow technology innovators to build LEIs, and the benefits of LEIs, into their own solutions. We showcase LEI-based solutions from our Partners and other industry stakeholders.

The RapidLEI marketplace will allow you to:

  • Solve identity challenges with LEI-based solutions
  • See which technology innovators are collaborating within the LEI ecosystem
  • Find new technology that supports LEIs

LEI Marketplace



By Envers

Description: The Site Seal, named LEITrust™, provides websites with a visual stamp to identify the legal entity behind the website. Clicking on the site seal will present visitors with a complete report of the LEI number as detailed in the GLEIF database. The LEITrust site seal makes a valuable and useful connection between the organisation’s online identity and physical world identity.

LEI Trust Site Seal

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Ubisecure logo

Right to Represent
By Ubisecure

Description: Right to Represent is an LEI-based service that makes it easy for individuals to assert their rights to represent their organization. Using the same concept as “Sign in with Apple” or “Log in with Facebook”, Right to Represent uses LEI based accounts to authenticate organization affiliation and rights using LEIs as an attribute in an OAuth based service.

Authenticate with Ubisecure

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Sign XBRL Documents
By XBRL International & GLEIF

Description: The GLEIF has pioneered the inclusion of an LEI within digital, machine-readable financial documentation such as XBRL compliant annual reports. The format is the first official global business report to automatically link the filing entity to its verified LEI reference data held within the Global LEI Index. The digital certificates of the signing executive officers included with the document are compliant with the European Union’s Electronic Identification and Trust Services (eIDAS) Regulation.

XBRL Document

LEI enabled XBRL Qualified Signing Certificates are available through Firma Pro.

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LEI Register

LEI Admin Tools
By LEI Register

Description: A collection of sales and marketing online tools will help any website add LEIs as a product and start selling LEIs quickly. LEI Admin Tools give you complete control over your LEI promotions, order processing, and setting up zero-touch commission based referrals.

LEI Admin Tools

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Firma Pro

LEI-Enabled Qualified Digital Certificates
By Firma Pro

Description: eIDAS accredited Certificate Authority Firma Pro issues Qualified Digital Certificates with embedded LEIs. Qualified Certificates can be used in XBRL applications and can be used to identify, sign, access and digitally perform transactions in other supporting applications.

Firma Pro eIDAS Certificate

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