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KYC / AML / Compliance


Compliance-as-a-Service & LEI Issuance
By Finclusive
Category: KYC / AML / Compliance

Description: FinClusive is a hybrid financial-/regulatory-technology company that enables digital access to accounts and payments with embedded full-stack financial crimes compliance – in one integrated platform. It’s application connects U.S. bank of record partners (for deposit and custody services) and alternative financial services providers, nonbank institutions, corporates, non-profits, and other organizations to conduct cross-border payments over virtual asset/blockchain and traditional bank rails, with global-standard full-service compliance.

Finclusive application

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LEI Reference Data Search API
Category: KYC / AML / Compliance

Description: RegTech company provides an API service to enable users to perform mass searches for LEI and LEI-related data. Search by legal entity name, local business register number or ISIN code. Additional attributes including NACE and CIC are also delivered via API. Customized mapping requests are also supported. API response are in JSON format.


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LEI Register Logo

Company Details Auto-Complete
By LEI Register
Classification: KYC / AML / Compliance

Description: “Company Autocomplete by LEI Register” is a WordPress plugin to add an autocomplete function to the company name field in your standard Woocommerce checkout form. The plug-in pulls company data from the Global LEI Foundation’s open database to help your clients complete the form with their verified LEI record. The plugin  streamlines the process of verifying clients and making sure they in fact who they claim to be.

Company Details Autocomplete

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Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO)
By UBO Service
Classification: KYC / AML / Compliance

Description: UBO Service offers an innovative solution for obliged entities to capture accurate Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) declarations in real-time. From start-ups to large corporate entities, UBO Service helps businesses transform customer journeys, by accelerating their compliance process and reducing their regulatory risk.

Through an entirely transparent and accessible declaration process, UBO Service provides Beneficial Ownership declarations from the most legally authoritative and compliant primary sources in the world from one on-line platform (The UBO Dashboard) and Application Programming Interface (API).UBO Service dashboard

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GLEIF Validation Agent
By Ubisecure
Classification: KYC / AML / Compliance

Description: Ubisecure’s RapidLEI platform offers a unique Validation Agent solution that uses automation and integration into local business registries to ensure accurate, up-to-date entity identification information. This can be used to enrich and correct entity identity information for internal customer due diligence (CDD), and enhanced due diligence (EDD). It also ensures that only accurate LEIs are registered.

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