LEI Solutions

Learn how RapidLEI customers work with LEIs across industries and use cases.

Business Solutions

LEI Everywhere for Banks

GLEIF Validation Agents

Streamlined LEI issuance for client onboarding, KYC/KYB & Compliance-as-a-Service.

LEI enterprise


Discover, register and manage enterprise and client LEIs in bulk.


Verifiable LEI (vLEI)

Verifiable Credentials containing trusted organization identity and roles.

Certificate Authority LEI

LEI Marketplace

Discover the many technology solutions from RapidLEI partners that utilize LEIs to solve organization identity challenges.


LEI for Banking

Banking & Financial Institutions

Manage Legal Entity Identifiers for both group companies and clients. Simplify entity data management to ensure regulatory requirements are met, transactions are uninterrupted, and LEI risk and costs are well managed.

Supply Chain Identity

Trade & Supply Chain

Suppliers need a reliable, publicly verifiable and transparent source of organization identity to de-risk and harmonize global trade and the supply chain. The Legal Entity Identifier is a standardized verified organization solution that can be used to increase the efficiency and reduce the risk of global business.

Asset Managers LEI

Asset Managers

Funds, trusts, and Legal Entities involved in regulated trades must maintain an active Legal Entity Identifier (LEI). Solve your client’s “No LEI, No Trade” challenge within the financial markets with automated LEI issuance and management for counterparties.

LEI Management for Brand Management

Company Management & Brand Protection

Maintaining good standing for corporate records across group legal entities is an essential component of effective governance. Ensure your client’s good standing is never at risk by managing LEI registration, renewal and maintenance at source.