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Digital identity is a core enabler of trusted global supply chain management. Suppliers need a reliable, publicly verifiable and transparent source of organization identity to de-risk and harmonize global trade and the supply chain. The Legal Entity Identifier is a standardized verified organization solution that can be used to increase the efficiency and reduce the risk of global business.


LEIs Issued

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Legal Entity Identifiers for Trade & Supply Chain

Simplifying verified organization management

Verified organizations are essential for efficient and trustworthy global trade. Trade however, especially supply chains, are not well harmonized and utilize many different regional and vertical identifiers making it costly and difficult to verify the parties involved. The LEI solves this problem, and RapidLEI makes it simpler than ever before to manage LEIs at scale.

LEI regulation

Meet KYC/KYS compliance

LEI support

Verified Organization status

LEI issued in minutes

LEI Issued
in Minutes

LEI link to business registries

Available for Supplier identification – CDD & EDD

World Economic Forum

“Lacking interoperable payment solutions suitable for international trade is preventing merchants, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), from tapping into international markets… For corporate identity, legal entity identifiers (LEI), if more broadly adopted, could provide a useful common identifier and thereby an important starting point for corporate identity harmonization.”

Ziyang Fan, Head, Digital Trade, World Economic Forum

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“If you can identify a company at the click of a button on a transparent register, you’re saving yourselves days, weeks, hours in time in checking, rechecking, verifications, duplication.”

Chris Southworth, Secretary General at the International Chambers of Commerce UK

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How Trade & Supply Chains benefit with LEI-based Verified Organizations

Risk Management: LEIs manage risk in supply chains by providing transparency and visibility into the ownership structure of organizations to identify risks such as conflicts of interest, fraud, or corruption.

Compliance: LEIs are a key tool in ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements such as Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Supplier (KYS) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

Data Quality: LEIs improve the quality of data in supply chains by reducing errors and inconsistencies in data entry and helps organizations make more informed decisions with improved accuracy of reporting.

Transparency: LEIs increase transparency by providing a unique identifier for each entity involved in a transaction, ensuring that all parties have access to accurate and up-to-date information.

Standardization: LEIs provide a standardized way to identify trade partners and suppliers across jurisdictions and industries making it easier to analyze data across different organizations and sectors.

Integration: Integrating LEIs into trade platforms improves supply chain visibility and streamlines processes. LEIs can be linked to blockchain technology to create a secure, transparent supply chain ecosystem.

Efficiency: LEIs replace the need for high salaried staff to conduct manual KYC processes. Use of LEIs as the standard connecting identifier contribute to much more efficient entity data management.

LEI Manage

Managing Supply Chain LEIs at scale

EnterpriseLEI makes it simple to manage the entire lifecycle of every LEI Number, both within your group and those belonging to trade partners and suppliers. Discover, register and manage enterprise and both internal and external LEIs in volume.

The EnterpriseLEI management portal provides instant status, reporting and analytics via a single dashboard to gain actionable insights into LEIs. Time spent managing LEIs is reduced, LEI subscription costs are lowered, and the risk of LEIs falling into lapsed state can be well mitigated.

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Why choose RapidLEI

lei support

Full LEI Support
Issue LEIs for group companies, trade partners and suppliers

automated lei

Automated LEI issuance process
No overhead to obtain internal LEIs or client LEIs

bulk register lei

Bulk Registration
No need to register individual LEIs, add in bulk

discover lei

Discovery & Consolidation
Identify all group LEIs and add to your account. You save time, cost, and avoid lapsed LEIs

lei expiration

Automated Renewals with Customizable Expiry
Align expiry dates. System automatically renews multi-year LEIs


API for integration into trade platforms, same-session registration and issuance

consolidate lei

Volume Discounts
Save significantly over buying individual LEIs

RapidLEI account manager

Dedicated Account Manager & 24/7 Support
Coordinates and prepares transfers and renewals (inc. Letters of Authorization, level 2 data preparation and more)


One Agreement & Multi-LOU Approach
Both internal and client LEIs can be managed with multiple accounts under a single non-exclusive agreement


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Supply Chain and Paperless Global Trade

Chris Southworth, Secretary General at the ICC UK and Oswald Kuyler of MonetaGo discuss the value the LEI brings to global trade, particularly the new UK electronic trade documents bill, its aims, and how it will be adopted to improve trade processes.

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What should companies and banks do for the upcoming digitalisation era? One of paperless trade and changing legal reform?

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Don’t Do Business in the Dark: Data Quality Management Lights the Way

The availability of open, accurate, and relevant entity identification data has never been more important. This article explores why and reviews the GLEIF’s flagship initiatives in this critical area.

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Application Integration

  • The only same-session LEI issuance API
  • Register & renew LEIs, accounts, import existing LEIs, query on status, confirm data quality
  • The platform automation logic handles the complexity of the application validation

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