LEI Partners

The most developed RA / Partner Program in the LEI ecosystem is from RapidLEI – the global LEI Issuer

LEIs give partners competitive advantage and recurring revenue. Offer individual LEIs at competitive prices, or help your Clients manage multiple LEIs by providing the EnterpriseLEI solution.

And because the RapidLEI platform automates the LEI issuance process, there are no overheads or work needed for you to offer LEIs.

LEI Partners
  • Adweb
  • APIR
  • CIEL
  • DigiCert LEI
  • DanksLEI
  • Dreams Merchant
  • Envers
  • Firma Pro CA
  • Get LEI
  • LEI Worldwide
  • LEI Register
  • ManagedLEI
  • Neo
  • Nordea
  • PBSA
  • Profile Address
  • PSW Group
  • SSL247
  • Trustcubes
  • Tuva Trustees
  • Tursign

RapidLEI is the only global LEI Issuer to be Partner-First

Automated application process – no need to compile company documents on behalf of the client

Powerful LEI management platform and use and/or resell the EnterpriseLEI solution

Partner Site Seal, inclusion in the LEI Partner Directory and GLEIF maintained RA Directory

Deep discounts on standard LEI prices

The only true global LEI issuer – going to market globally through local partners

Partner Co-Marketing Program – Market Development Funds, joint campaigns, creatives, leadgen – everything needed to be a success

Validation and support functions handled by RapidLEI

API for integrated LEI issuance workflow and reselling


Registration Agents

Strategic relationship with RapidLEI and the GLEIF

This program is for organizations that either have existing LEI customers, or offer company registrant services and have clients that require LEIs. Registration Agents (RA) order on behalf of their clients.

RapidLEI automates the application and issuance so there is no need for Registration Agents to invest in resource heavy administration processes when ordering LEIs on behalf of their own customers. RAs can benefit from:

  • Improved workflow functionality such as bulk order processing, streamlined Letter of Authority (LoA) management
  • Ability to resell the EnterpriseLEI solution for Banks and Enterprise
  • Free API for application integration
  • Top tier discounts, including multi-year support and payment monthly in arrears.

Maximum exposure and lead opportunity:

RapidLEI coordinates a license with the GLEIF which allows the RA to display the GLEIF logo and refer to themselves as an “Official Registration Agent” of the GLEIF as well as being listed on the GLEIF website as an Official RA for RapidLEI.

RA Partners are also licensed to use a RapidLEI Official Registration Agent logo, link to a custom RA Partner profile page and get listed in the RapidLEI Partner Directory.

Site Seals:

Referral Partners for Banks and Financial Institutions

Customers order directly – obtain special discounts for your customers

Become a RapidLEI Partner and make it easy for your customers to obtain LEI at a pre-agreed discounted price. Just obtain your own LEI (or we can provide a custom code), then we provide referral tracking links to simply direct customers to your own branded ordering page hosted by RapidLEI rather than get involved in the LEI ordering process.

It’s easy: post the order link on your site, via custom buttons or email it to customers via campaigns and newsletters so that your customers can enjoy LEIs at a discounted price. Referral Partners can also gain access to API for automated onboarding and application integration.

Site Seals: