EnterpriseLEI – the leading platform to manage LEIs across your group or on behalf of your clients

Get LEIs faster and easier than ever before

Automation and innovation built into EnterpriseLEI and API:

  • Predictive application assistance means our algorithms do the hard work and find company details, ensuring greater accuracy and less typing for you
  • Real time linking to multiple registry sources greatly accelerates the time it takes to issue LEIs
  • Built in eSigning functionality for signing contracts means you avoid printing and faxing
  • eSign directly if you’re empowered, or delegate contract signing to an appropriate company official
LEI easy and quick
LEI filters

Plan effectively

EnterpriseLEI provides full LEI lifecycle management across your group:

  • Effortlessly create one or many LEIs
  • Transfer existing LEIs from other LEI Issuers / LOUs (Local Operating Units)
  • None of us wants any LEI to LAPSE – especially the regulators – EnterpriseLEI provides the helping hand you need

Get instant status and reporting on group LEIs

Use the lifecycle filter to zero in on the LEIs needing attention – upcoming renewals, pending actions, yet to be eSigned and more…

  • Whether it’s a single LEI, 10’s of LEIs or 100’s – the same interface meets all needs
  • The EnterpriseLEI dashboard highlights Renewals, Pending actions, Issued LEIs and lapsed LEIs
  • The LEI view presents key data and facilitates our common goal – Accurate Reference Data and Relationship Records
LEI Parent Company Management
LEI autofill

Easy group relationship

If a Level 2 (Who owns whom) hierarchy exists, easily visualise the reported structure(s) for Direct and Ultimate Parent entities.

  • Simplify Parental reporting requirements using our real time data sources
  • Benefit from less complex, more Intuitive forms for LE-RR (Legal Entity Relationship Record) data entry.
  • Avoid double work – Request LEIs for Level 2 parents with a single click.

Whitelabel your own LOU offering

EnterpriseLEI is available under license as a whitelabel solution for existing / prospective Legal Operating Units (LOU). Gain the automation and LEI management functionality of RapidLEI under your own LOU brand.

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