Legal Entity Identifier

RapidLEI by Ubisecure

Our vision at Ubisecure is to secure & automate the interactions & assurances within the three identity domains: individuals, organizations & things. Being an accredited Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) issuer is core to our mission.

#1 LEI Issuer RapidLEI

The fastest growing LEI since launching in 2018, and now the #1 global LEI issuer. So far, organizations have choosen RapidLEI.


The only accredited LEI Issuer to offer an LEI lifecycle API with same-session LEI issuance.

Partner First LEI approach

Partner-first approach with the widest reaching local Registration Agent network in the global LEI ecosystem.

LEI KYC Integration

Creators of the LEI Marketplace. Showcases integrations into KYC, eSigning and Governance solutions.

Here’s our Story

Ubisecure is an Identity & Access Management solution provider. In 2018, Ubisecure became an accredited Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) issuer and created RapidLEI to issue LEIs. The RapidLEI platform has been designed from the ground-up to register LEIs faster and make managing LEIs easier. Our algorithms, automation and integration with the local business registries around the world do the heavy lifting – providing unparalleled issuance speed and improved data accuracy.

This approach allows RapidLEI to deliver highly cost effective LEIs quickly, all over the globe. With barriers removed to obtain LEIs, we drive closer to the goal of the LEI being the “one organization identity” benefitting a wide range of applications and services across all sectors. As RapidLEI integration pushes forward with Banks, Certificate Authorities & FinTech solution providers, we see new LEI use cases emerge daily.

GLEIF Steve Roylance

In Partnership with the GLEIF

Established by the Financial Stability Board in June 2014, the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) is tasked to support the implementation and use of the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI). LEI issuers (also known as LOUs) – are the organizations authorized to issue LEIs to legal entities.

RapidLEI is an accredited LEI Issuer (LOU) and a custodian of LEI reference data.

GLEIF Accredited RapidLEI

The RapidLEI Team

The RapidLEI management has a long history innovating and scaling identity solutions. With executive and operational experience at leading Certification Authorities (PKI & SSL/TLS) including GeoTrust, Comodo & GlobalSign the team has applied to LEIs the disruptive automation concepts that resulted in the successful mass adoption of SSL/TLS website security by millions of websites around the world.

Simon Wood Ubisecure CIAM

Simon Wood

Ubisecure CEO

As CEO, Simon is responsible for planning, communicating and delivering Ubisecure’s overall vision and corporate strategy to enable the true potential of digital business through modern identity management solutions.  Prior to joining Ubisecure, Simon was CTO at GMO GlobalSign, a leading global Certification Authority, where he led the technical and strategic growth of the company.  Simon has also held executive positions QuantumWave Capital where he led the Venture Building practice, Talecom, an enterprise mobile software company, Artilium, the mobile virtual network enabler, and flyingSPARK, a mobile applications company.  Simon holds multiple patents in the field of mobile internet software systems design.

Steve Roylance Ubisecure CIAM

Steve Roylance

Ubisecure SVP, Identity Services

Steve is responsible for accelerating Ubisecure’s market reach and new identity services development and is a passionate business and process visionary with a proven track record centered around Identity Assurance. In 2005 Steve assembled all major players in the Certification Authority industry and Browser Industry to form the CA/B Forum ( eventually resulting in the adoption of more rigorous validation processes as well as uniting the industry in the creation and adoption of common workflow standards for TLS server certificate provision. Focused on building empowered customer-centric organizations with innovative product workflows & experience, Steve is a veteran of the Identity Assurance industry with several patents adding significant value to the GlobalSign group IP portfolio during his 11 year tenure in the executive business development role (2006-2017).

Andy Sambrook Ubisecure CIAM

Andy Sambrook

Ubisecure CFO

As Group CFO, Andy is responsible for all aspects of Ubisecure’s financial, administration and corporate control/governance functions.  Prior to joining Ubisecure, Andy was responsible for building GlobalSign’s F&A organization, including the creation of several business analytics initiatives responsible for monitoring and acting on key HR, finance and performance data.  Andy is a former professional footballer and since leaving the sporting world behind, he now applies the philosophy of a professional sportsperson, namely perseverance, team work and dealing with lessons learned, to the world of corporate finance where he believes they can be put into so many diverse, real time, challenging situations critical for success in today’s rapidly moving business environment.

Paul Tourret

Paul Tourret

Ubisecure Corporate Development Officer

As Corporate Development Officer for Ubisecure, Paul takes a leadership role in the planning and execution of strategies to meet organizational objectives and is responsible for strategic alliances, identifying and acquiring companies (M&A), securing corporate financing, licensing and other business development opportunities for new Ubisecure solutions and technology. Paul joins Ubisecure as an executive board member and investor.  Prior to Ubisecure, Paul was a co-founder and executive board member of GMO GlobalSign, a global Certification Authority, where along with Steve Waite, helped grow the company to over 400 people and established leading market positions in several verticals and global territories including the US, Latin America, UK, Europe and Nordics.  Paul has over 20 years experience building cybersecurity companies including GlobalSign, GeoTrust (acquired by Verisign) and Comodo.

Steve Waite

Steve Waite

Ubisecure CMO

As Chief Marketing Officer, Steve is responsible for Ubisecure’s corporate marketing and communication, partner and customer communication, demand generation and brand development. Prior to Ubisecure, Steve was a co-founder and executive board member of GMO GlobalSign, a global Certification Authority, where along with Paul Tourret, helped grow the company to over 400 people, and established leading market positions in several verticals and global territories including the US, Latin America, UK and Nordics.  Steve has many years experience building early stage cybersecurity companies including GlobalSign (now part of GMO group), GeoTrust (acquired by Verisign) and Comodo.

Chris Hudson

Chris Hudson

Director of Channel Sales

Chris is responsible for establishing new, and growing existing partner relationships and helping partners to succeed with LEI opportunities and new use cases. Prior to making the move to the LEI industry, Chris spent 15 years in the Certification Authority (CA) industry – most recently as Channel Sales Manager at GlobalSign, introducing, developing and managing several highly successful partnerships and partnership programs.