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Legal Entity Identifiers for Banks

RapidLEI lowers the cost of managing group and client LEIs, and opens up the opportunity to use LEIs in KYC and client onboarding.

KYC LEI Pilot Program

New Pilot Program

LEIs can save $2-4 billion in KYC costs for banks. Remove the technical and commercial friction of using LEIs in high volumes with the new RapidLEI & GLEIF banking pilot program.


EnterpriseLEI for Banks
Simplifying LEI Management

To take advantage of the LEI as a connector of reference data for KYC / AML and counterparty identification, issuance and management of the LEI needs to be frictionless and low cost. This is where RapidLEI can help. Join organizations like Nordea and make it easy to not just issue LEIs, but also to discover, consolidate and manage both internal LEIs and LEIs for your banking clients.

LEI regulation

Meet Regulatory

LEI support

Full LEI

LEI issued in minutes

LEI Issued
in Minutes

LEI Bank Customers

Why choose RapidLEI?

lei support

Full LEI Support
Issue LEIs to organizations, trusts, and funds

automated lei

Automated LEI issuance process
No overhead to obtain internal LEIs or client LEIs

bulk register lei

Bulk Registration
No need to register individual LEIs, add in bulk

discover lei

Discovery & Consolidation
Identify all group LEIs and to your account. You save time, cost, and avoid lapsed LEIs

lei expiration

Automated Renewals with Customizable Expiry
Align expiry dates. System automatically renews multi-year LEIs


Free LEI API usage, same-session registration and issuance

consolidate lei

Volume Discounts
Save significantly over buying individual LEIs

RapidLEI account manager

Dedicated Account Manager & 24/7 Support
Coordinates and prepares transfers and renewals (inc. Letters of Authorization, level 2 data preparation and more)


One Agreement & Multi-LOU Approach
Both internal and client LEIs can be managed with multiple accounts under a single non-exclusive agreement

LEI regulation

Meet Regulatory Demands

Endorsed by the G20 and is intended to be “the one identity behind every business” LEIs are mandatory for MiFID II / MiFIR, EMIR, SFTR, Dodd Frank Act, and many other Financial Regulations.


Bank of England

BoE champions LEIs as a globally recognised and unique identifier for all UK businesses, integrates into the BoE’s Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) service, and mandates use in payment messages.

Client lifecycle for LEIs

A New Future for Legal Entity Identification

This GLEIF report details the inefficiencies of today’s onboarding processes for financial services, including the real business consequences of inefficient identification of legal entities. The report explores the impact and benefits afforded by adopting a standardized method for identifying legal entities and replacing disjointed information. Time savings, greater transparency and more streamlined working processes are available to the businesses that introduce the use of LEIs.

Application Integration

  • The only same-session LEI issuance API
  • Register LEIs, accounts, import existing LEIs, query on status, confirm data quality
  • The platform automation logic handles the complexity of the application validation

LEI developer

Volume LEIs for EnterpriseLEI

Available for banks, asset managers and enterprises managing large
numbers of LEIs via the EnterpriseLEI platform.

Number of Active LEI Registrations

1 year$60.00$55.00$50.00Contact Sales
2 years


$55.00$99.00$90.00Contact Sales
3 years


$153.00$140.25$176.00Contact Sales
4 years


$192.00$176.00$160.00Contact Sales
5 years


$225.00$206.25$187.50Contact Sales

User Guide

EnterpriseLEI user guide


Platform security report for RapidLEI

GLEIF Infographic

Using LEIs to transform client KYC


How LEIs can transform client lifecycle in banking