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The RapidLEI Marketing team has put together these resources to help new LEI partners market and grow their LEI business.

Kickstart your LEI business with press releases, branding, effective web copy and campaigns. Stay up to date on platform and industry news with the Partner Newsletter.

Launch your LEI offering

Step One

Press Release

Start your LEI opportunity off with a joint press release with RapidLEI. We love to announce every partnership. Contact your Account Manager to get your PR going.

Step Two

Partner Directory

All Certified Partners are added to the Partner Directory with a customized profile page. Don’t miss out on this exposure opportunity.

Step Three

Site Seals and Referral links

Get your customized RA Partner or Certified Partner site seal. If you’re referring customers to RapidLEI, be sure to use your custom referral link. More…

Content Ideas to get you started

Create optimized content to help customers understand what an LEI is and what benefits the LEI code can deliver. Use this resource area and the greater rapidlei.com website content to help position LEIs in your portfolio.

Start with existing customers

Make the biggest impact by issuing LEIs to your existing customer base. If they are new to LEIs, begin by explaining the business value of LEIs. Then use the top reasons to buy an LEI.

What is an LEI and why do I need one?

Use the content developed for What is an LEI as your inspiration. Avoid direct copy and paste or the search engines will penalise for duplicate content. Instead develop simple copy appropriate for your jurisdiction and audience.

Content Suggestion

Top reasons to buy an LEI

Offer LEIs and build trust with your customers:

Meet Regulatory compliance for organization identity in transactions, trades (“no LEI, no trade!”), credit and capital markets – partners refer specifically to the local regulation in your jurisdiction.

Meet business identity requirements in KYC / AML / CDD processes without interruption.

Become part of the verified company network and maintain a professional corporate image – all companies with LEIs are added to the global, and public, LEI database and endorsed by the G20 as the one global organization identifier.

Lock in your LEI in preparation for new LEI use cases:

Working with RapidLEI

Co-Marketing & Co-Branding – the contents of rapidlei.com and collateral can be used in your marketing efforts. Any Ubisecure/RapidLEI White Paper, datasheet or brochure can be co-branded. Speak to your marketing contact at RapidLEI to request co-branded material.

Market Development Funds (MDF) – RapidLEI offers MDF to RA Partners to help build new markets and support the launch new LEI services.

Latest LEI Industry News

Bank of England: Payments: A platform for innovation – Speech given by Victoria Cleland, Executive Director; Banking, Payments & Innovation

The global LEI system contributes to many financial stability objectives such as improved risk management in firms, better assessment of micro and macro prudential risks, facilitation of orderly resolution, and enables higher quality and accuracy of financial data overall. In addition to financial stability benefits, LEIs provide valuable data and support anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism efforts. They could, if linked to portable credit files, improve access to the domestic and global financial system, support greater choice and competition for business finance. The LEI could also act as the unique identifier for a digital ID, which could help the two-step verification process required for a more secure system.

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Bank of England LEI RapidLEI

Swift’s PMPG: Adoption of LEI in Payment Messages

The PMPG believes now is the appropriate time for the payment industry to begin its adoption of the LEI. Coupled with the other changes happening around the LEI to make it cheaper and easier to obtain, the migration to ISO 20022 provides the right opportunity for the industry to move to adding the LEI into payments messages, infrastructures and processes in a low cost, efficient manner.

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A-Team Insight: CUSIP Global Services Adds ISIN to LEI Mapping for US and Canadian Securities

CUSIP Global Services (CGS) has joined the initiative led by the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) and Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) to map ISINs to LEIs. ANNA and GLEIF set up the mapping initiative back in April 2019 with a limited number of National Numbering Agencies within ANNA joining the project, which is designed to improve transparency and counterparty risk exposure in global financial markets.

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Legal Entity Identifiers in US & Canada

XBRL: Financial Transparency Act Introduced in Congress

The Financial Transparency Act (FTA) was reintroduced into US Congress this week, potentially paving the way for a significant advance in data standards that would benefit the business community and regulators alike… The FTA would also require the adoption of the global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI), to allow filings from the same entity across multiple regulators to be easily and automatically matched.

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