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Client Agents and Referral Partners can use a unique URL to refer LEI orders to RapidLEI. You can use this link in campaigns, newsletters, blogs and as for URLs for buy buttons. To use a Referral Link you must have a valid LEI issued by RapidLEI and have agreed to the Referral Terms. If you have not completed this yet, contact partnerships@rapidlei.com.

Once you have obtained your LEI, use the below form to create your unique referral link.

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Partners may use the Certified Partner Logo under agreement with Ubisecure. Emphasize your leadership as a RapidLEI partner!

Download Certified Partner logo kit (zip)

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RA Partners may use the GLEIF logo following obtaining a licensing agreement with the GLEIF (contact RapidLEI for assistance). Boost your credibilty by displaying both the GLEIF and RapidLEI Certified Partner logos.