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How do I renew my LEI code?

RapidLEI uses the same fast, automated process for to renew an LEI code as we use for the creation of an LEI code by RapidLEI, or import of an LEI code from an alternative Legal Operating Unit (LOU) / LEI Issuer:

  1. We will automatically verify Legal Entity Reference Data from the appropriate Business Registry where we determine if there have been any changes.
  2. You eSign the applicable terms and conditions in your browser, or choose to forward to a delegated signing authority.
  3. You’ll confirm the relationship to any Direct or Ultimate Accounting parent remains the same and provide updated evidence for this ongoing relationship.

>> Log into your LEI account to get started with your LEI renewal

Why do I have to renew my LEI?

It’s important to renew your Legal Entity Identifier code. Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) which are not renewed in time will LAPSE. A Status of ‘LAPSED’ in the GLEIF database reflects on your corporate branding and may well prevent you from successfully transacting/reporting in the future.

How soon before the expiry of my LEI code before I need to renew?

You may renew your Legal Entity Identifier code up to 45 days before expiration. Your main dashboard will show you which LEI’s you should renew. Are you worried you’ll lose out in renewing early? Whatever time you have left before expiry will be added to the next expiry date once the renewal process has been completed.

Renewing LEI numbers purchased through RapidLEI Partners

Please contact your Partner directly to process the LEI number renewal.

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