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LEIs for Digital Signatures & eIDAS

Embed trusted organization identity in digital signatures and digitally signed XBRL & PDF documents. Meet eIDAS, new European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) regulation for European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) Annual Reports.

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ESEF Format Documents

GLEIF publishes ESEF annual report in Inline XBRL format to illustrate meeting ESMA Regulations.

Signed documents meet European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) format regulations set by ESMA. ESEF is the format in which issuers on EU regulated markets must prepare their annual financial reports from 1 January 2020.

eIDAS Legal Entity Identifiers are used by accredited Certificate Authorities for Qualified Digital Certificates with embedded LEIs. Qualified Certificates can be used in XBRL applications and can be used to identify, sign, access and digitally perform transactions in other supporting applications.

LEIs are supported in digital, machine-readable XBRL financial documentation and human-readable XBRL and PDFs. The format is the first official global business report to automatically link the filing entity to its verified organisation identity to provide “permanent certainty about integrity of the document.”.

eIDAS accredited Certification Authority Firma Pro issues Qualified Certificates binding an individual to an organisation by incorporating the LEI into the issued Qualified Certificate.

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Hancock makes it easy to sign, and through it’s free Verify web component, allow users to verify the signed document using the signing organisation’s embedded LEI. 


SigningHub is an e-document cloud solution provided by Ascertia. It offers a complete solution for document approval workflows, advanced digital signatures and document status tracking.

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Advantages of Live Company Data

Users relying on company identity data for any online use case need several things. Relying Parties need it to be:


Live & Accurate
Representative of the company at the time of relying on the reference data


Regulated & Consistent
Held to a credible standardized validation workflow of identity data


Published to a publicly accessible and verifiable open database

User friendly

User Friendly
Doing Business As should be supported where complicated group holding names would otherwise confuse users (KLM vs Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V.)


Detailed when needed
As well as providing the ‘who is who’ aspect of company identity, when needed give insight into ‘who owns whom’ for corporate structure understanding


Transparent Quality
Relying parties should be able to check the data accuracy quality from the issuer and if inaccuracy is suspected, there should be a protocol to challenge

Electronic Document Viewers and Certificate Authorities are ideally placed to use and display live LEI data to their stakeholders of businesses and consumers alike, extracting them from the underlying Qualified Certificate used to digitally sign the document or file.

Digital Signing


Streamline Workflows

Digital and Electronic Signatures solutions allow organizations to streamline workflows and build legally permissible signatures into documents and transactions. Incorporating LEIs into document signing workflow allows verifiable linkage between the signer and the signer’s corporate entity.