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GLEIF Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Data Quality

The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) publishes monthly reports, which demonstrate the level of legal entity data quality achieved by the individual LEI Issuers (LOU). RapidLEI (Ubisecure) republishes these reports here for convenience.

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About the Data Quality Reports

The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) publishes monthly reports, which illustrate the level of LEI data quality achieved by the accredited Local Operating Units (LOU), also known as LEI Issuers. In the interest of ecosystem transparency, RapidLEI republishes its data quality reports here. Notes:

  • The LEI Total Data Quality Score for RapidLEI is for the reporting period stated.
  • Progress achieved by RapidLEI is tracked for continuous optimization of the data quality within the Global LEI System (GLEIS) based on the LEI Total Data Quality Score.
  • Data quality performance of RapidLEI is compared to the average performance of all LEI issuing organizations.
  • Results of GLEIF checks of the LEI data records against implemented quality criteria, i.e. the percentage of records that successfully passed the tests.
  • The data quality score achieved by RapidLEI in the countries where it issues LEIs: Red (equal or less than 90%); orange (above 90% and equal or less than 95%); yellow (above 95% and equal or less than 98%); green (above 98% and equal or less than 100%).
  • The percentage of LEI data records managed by RapidLEI, which meet the requirements of distinct quality maturity levels. See the maturity level chart on the right hand side of the report, which shows results with regard to the following maturity levels: Level 1 – ‘Required Quality’ (must be 100 percent for all data records); Level 2 – ‘Expected Quality’ (should be 100 percent); Level 3 – ‘Excellent Quality’ (the higher the better).
  • Statistics with regard to the resolution of challenges received by the RapidLEI via the centralized challenge facility made available by GLEIF, which extends the ability to trigger updates of LEI data to all interested parties.
  • Number of days per month when RapidLEI provided files compliant with the relevant Common Data File formats.

For comparative data quality statistics for RapidLEI, GMEI Utility (DTCC), and Bloomberg LEI visit our LEI statistics.