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RapidLEI supporting GLEIF vLEI 

RapidLEI, a Ubisecure service, has announced support for the GLEIF  verifiable LEI (vLEI).
The company will issue vLEI Verifiable Credentials as part of its LEI product portfolio and help organizations use the vLEI by adding support to its Customer IAM (CIAM) and Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solutions.

This will let businesses worldwide, and their employees, to assert a single, verifiable global identity to improve business efficiency and reduce fraud.

View the press release.


GLEIF blog: new LEI Lightbulb Blog Series

This new ‘LEI Lightbulb Blog Series’ spotlights the scope of acceptance and advocacy for the LEI across the public and private sectors, geographies and use cases by highlighting which industry leaders, authorities and organizations are supportive of the LEI and for what purpose.

The aim is to educate on both the current and future potential value that ‘one global identity’ can deliver for businesses, regardless of sector, world-wide.

Read the post on GLEIF’s website.


GLEIF & ANNA win 2021 A-Team Innovation Award for Most Innovative Data Standards Initiative

A-Team Insight has recently announced the winners of the A-Team Innovation Awards 2021, which celebrate innovative projects and teams across the vendor and expert communities that make use of new and emerging technologies to deliver high-value solutions for financial institutions.

This year, GLEIF & ANNA have emerged as winners for the Most Innovative Data Standards Initiative.


RapidLEI Partners Spotlight

LEI Register: What is EMIR?

European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) is a European Union regulation for over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives, central counterparties as well as trade repositories first launched by the EU in 2012 in fulfilment of their commitment at the G20 summit.

EMIR’s goal is to clear systemic, counterparty and operational risk while increasing transparency in the OTC derivatives market.

Learn more about EMIR on LEI Register’s website.

ManagedLEI: Cross-border payments and their challenges

Cross-border payments constitute an important part of the global economy, with a notable increase in transactions. This increase can lead to several challenges, such as lack of interoperability due to the lack of standardization, differences in customer experience across countries and cultures or the complexity of keeping up with the regulatory environment, among others.

Discover more challenges and the role of Digital Identity in cross-border payments on the ManagedLEI website.


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