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Commercial demonstration of LEIs integrated within digital certificates by the China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA).

The CFCA − which is a member of the GLEIF Certification Authorities Stakeholder Group − support for LEIs within Digital Certificates will help drive increased LEI usage in mass market Digital Identity products.

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Find out more about how RapidLEI is working with several CA partners to issue Digital Certificates with integrated LEIs.


Bank of England speech at EDM council webinar

In his speech at a webinar hosted by EDM Council, Gareth Ramsay (CDO at Bank of England) lists the benefits of the implementation of LEIs, such as its capability of supporting the portability of data between organizations, and its power to fight against money laundering – among others. Ramsay asserts that standards are a key part of the soft infrastructure of the digital age, boosting transparency and simplifying a large number of tasks in the financial sector.

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More LEI news from around the web

    • European Central Bank: ECB Annual Report 2020 includes reference to their work chairing a task force mandated to prepare an ESRB Recommendation to further advance the adoption of LEIs in the EU.
    • European Securities and Markets Authority: ESMA updates its LEI statement – “ESMA issues this Public Statement to ensure coordinated supervisory actions are taken in response to
      the aforementioned difficulty in the SFTR application, in particular the requirements regarding third-country issuer LEI reporting”.


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