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May Issuance Stats

May 2021 LEI issuance stats are in. Overall, Ubisecure issued 3424 new LEIs – over 700 more than GMEI Utility and securing another month where RapidLEI is the #1 issuer worldwide.

May 2021 LEI Issuer countt

Reproduced from the GLEIF LEI Issuance dashboard. Click to zoom.

This month, at the request of our UK partners, we’ve added the London Stock Exchange to our daily tracking statistics.

May 2021 LEI Stats

The year so far is showing good overall LEI issuance, with an approximate year on year growth of 25% for validated LEIs issued by RapidLEI.

May 2021 - LEI Stats

In major milestone news, we expect to issue our 90,000th LEI this month – so congratulations as always to the partner network for making that happen!


May Global LEI Data Quality Report

The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) has published May’s “Global LEI Data Quality Report” which provides high-quality and standardized entity reference data, identifying the overall data quality within the Global LEI System.

Download the ecosystem report


XBRL US Comments on FERC Data Collection of Utilities Identifiers

XBRL US submitted a letter in response to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) request for comment on Data Collection for Analytics and Surveillance and Market-Based Rate Purposes.

Although the Commission proposed that sellers be allowed to select one of three identifier types, the XBRL US, strongly encouraged the Commission to require only one identifier type, being LEI the preferred one to be the identifier for all reporting entities.

Access the full article and read the letter


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