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April Global LEI Data Quality Report

The GLEIF has published April’s “Global LEI Data Quality Report” which identifies the overall data quality within the Global LEI System. The report addresses, among others, topics like the LEI Total Data Quality Score for the reporting period and the progress achieved regarding the continuous optimization of the data quality within the Global LEI System, based on the LEI Total Data Quality Score.

Download the full report


GLEIF publishes April’s BIC-to-LEI Relationship File

The BIC-to-LEI relationship file is built upon a mapping process established by SWIFT and certified by GLEIF. An important step towards consolidating information since it eases the process of gathering, aggregating, and reconciling counterparty information based on interoperability across parallel ID platforms.

The latest published BIC-to-LEI relationship file can be found on GLEIF’s website.


Workiva Supports Reintroduction of The Financial Transparency Act in The U.S. House Of Representatives

On May 6th, Workiva announced its support of the reintroduction of the Financial Transparency Act (FTA), which proposes the creation of a framework that requires eight major U.S. financial regulatory agencies to adopt consistent data fields and formats, machine-readable data standards, and non-proprietary, legal entity identifiers for regulated entities, driving innovation and efficiency to the ecosystem.

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More LEI news from around the web

    • POGO: POGO Submits Comment on Creation of New Federal Beneficial Ownership Database.
    • Fitech Futures: An era of digital trade.
    • Data Coalition: Financial Transparency Act: Harnessing Untapped Benefits of Regulatory Data.
    • ROC: Harmonization of critical OTC derivatives data elements (other than UTI and UPI).

Upcoming events

GLEIF’s Business Relation Manager at Open Banking World Congress

GLEIF’s Business Relations Manager Burcu M. Tuncer is participating in the Open Banking World Congress on May 12th. Tuncer will take part in a panel debate titled “Creating an interoperable, inclusive open banking ecosystem: The transformative role of the Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs)”.

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GLEIF representatives Ricco Dun, Karla McKenna and Christoph Schneider to participate in the 44th IACA Conference

On May 12th, Ricco Dun, Karla McKenna, and Christoph Schneider will speak on Digital Identity, Verified Credentials, and the Corporate Registry in this year’s Virtual IACA Conference. They will address topics such as how verifiable credentials are used so that corporate officers can prove they are authorized to represent a particular company.

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