LinkedInAccording to LinkedIn, almost seven months ago, I posted that Ubisecure’s RapidLEI service issued its 20,000th Legal Entity Identifier. It took us about 18 months to reach that milestone. As we approach the second anniversary of RapidLEI, that 20k customer number is now running at 40k+. We’re doubling the number of organisations using RapidLEI every six months or so.

Topline numbers are great, but if we look deeper at the business, the company achieved several strategic goals, including some stretch goals, that are underpinning the growth. Specifically:

  • RapidLEI is now outpacing Bloomberg and DTCC (GMEI) and for the last few months has consistently been the #1 issuer of validated, fully corroborated LEIs
  • RapidLEI has become the #1 global LOU for data accuracy
  • Our mission to connect the CA ecosystem with the LEI ecosystem made a significant step forward thanks to partnerships with DigiCert, Firma Pro and many high profile SSL resellers
  • We launched the LEI Marketplace to showcase technologies and solutions utilising LEIs, such as incorporating LEIs into Qualified Certificates to digitally sign XBRL files and PDF documents
  • We gave Banks the ability to issue high volume LEIs during KYC/Onboarding process – all in realtime using our LEI issuance API
  • We just announced the first business registry to become a RapidLEI Registration Agent – allowing businesses to obtain LEIs at the point they register their new business

As always, I’d like to recognise that our continued growth is only possible because of the incredible RapidLEI team, and the extensive, globe-spanning partner network. We’re looking forward to the next six months!