Today RapidLEI announced a new strategic collaboration with Scotland-based Trustify, making Trustify one of the world’s first issuers of SSL certificates with Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) built in.

Read more details on the new partnership in the press release.

Alistair Murray, CEO & Founder says “At Trustify we’re working to secure and insure organisations against exposure to Cyber Risk – a mission which RapidLEI shares, as a service from identity assurance specialist Ubisecure. We’re delighted to partner with RapidLEI and to roll out the new SSL with LEI product across Europe. It sets a new gold standard in the area of digital identity – and will help prevent scams, like the British Airways spoof site fraud of November 2018, which resulted in a £183m GDPR fine. This development means that where LEIs were once a standard for the financial services industry, they will now be the touchstone of doing business online.”

Chris Hudson, Director of Channel Sales at RapidLEI, commented that “This exciting new partnership signifies the next step in our disruptive approach to the LEI market. First, the automation of the LEI issuance process meant a quicker and more efficient delivery. Second, our pioneering API allows any partner or developer to build LEI requests and issuance into their applications or help their workflows scale. We are paving the way for innovative LEI use cases, like this SSL collaboration with Trustify.”

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