Now providing Legal Entity Identifiers to over 80k organisation customers

In 2020 we saw 35k new organisations choose Ubisecure’s RapidLEI service for their Legal Entity Identifier registrations and management. The first quarter of 2021 continues to build on that growing momentum as 11,500 new organisations were validated and onboarded to RapidLEI. This means that over 80k global organisations now manage their LEIs through RapidLEI.

March 2021 LEI Stats

Q1 2021 by the numbers:

  • 11,500 new organisations were validated and onboarded to RapidLEI
  • We achieved 23% growth quarter-on-quarter and 24% growth when comparing Q1 2020 to Q1 2021
  • 3000 LEIs issued by other LOUs were transferred by their holders into RapidLEI
  • We maintained a stable 77% renewal rate
  • We also maintained our industry-leading data quality scores

We now have 12 consecutive months of RapidLEI leading both GMEI Utility (DTCC) and Bloomberg.


Data visualisation:
Newly issued LEIs across all accredited LOUs Jan-Mar 2021:

See larger visualisation image at GLEIF Tableau Public LEI statistics.
Note GMEI Utility (DTCC) is referred to in this chart as Business Entity Data B.V.


Organisation Identity in KYC

Q1 saw Ubisecure/RapidLEI focus on the positive impact LEIs can make to Know Your Customer (KYC) and organisation customer onboarding workflows. Specifically:

We are in the process of onboarding our first FinTech / KYC service provider customers into the VA program. We will announce these in coming weeks so stay tuned.

Ubisecure now has a comprehensive set of solutions for both individual and organisation customer onboarding and KYC. For more information go to Ubisecure’s Onboarding & KYC solutions.


Dive deeper into the LEI statistics

We track monthly trends in LEI issuance and management, validated vs. non-validated LEIs, quality issues, total LEI universe and more. Check out the real-time LEI stats.


As always, I’d like to recognise that our continued growth is only possible because of the growing RapidLEI team, and the global partner network. We’re looking forward to our next major milestone of 100k organisations using RapidLEI in just a few short months!