The July 2020 Legal Entity Identifier stats are in. By the numbers, Ubisecure’s RapidLEI service:

  • #1 for new LEIs
  • #1 for data quality
  • Issued 1 in 6 of all new LEIs
  • 20k new organisations as customers so far in 2020
  • And 47k and counting organisations in total

Check out the real-time LEI stats at

New Partners & LEI Marketplace Services

In the last month we have onboarded several exciting new partners, particularly in the very active Nordic region. We’ve also added new services from our Partners in the LEI Marketplace for downloadable LEI Certificates and trust-enabling Website Tags.

Viewing the LEI as an enabler to Trust Anchors

Ubisecure’s CEO Simon Wood wrote an article on LEI-based trust anchors. He looks at how the process undertaken to issue an LEI, with standardised methods to request and delegate authority, can underpin a global ‘right to represent’ framework. Read the article at

‘Sign in with RapidLEI’ and Representation Governance

On the back of Simon’s trust anchors article, the team has published a demo video showcasing how the LEI-enabled ‘right to represent’ service can be used to govern an individual’s corporate expense limits by using ‘Sign in with RapidLEI’. Check it out at