Let’s talk about digital identity with Riley Hughes, Trinsic.

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This week, Oscar is joined by Riley Hughes, Co-founder and CEO of Trinsic and host of the Future of Identity podcast. Together, they explore Verifiable Credentials, shedding light on their definition, real-world examples, successful implementations, the nexus between verifiable credentials and wallets, and the potential for interoperability.

“It seems like the future of identity will be much better than it is today.”

Riley Hughes, TrinsicRiley Hughes is CEO and Co-founder of Trinsic, a reusable identity infrastructure provider. As a leader in the decentralized identity community, Riley has pioneered efforts on making emerging, privacy-preserving technologies such as identity wallets and verifiable credentials adoptable to the masses. He began his career in the decentralized identity space as the second employee hired at the Sovrin Foundation where he established and led several teams.

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We’ll be continuing this conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter using #LTADI – join us @ubisecure!