Let’s talk about digital identity with UBO Service’s Ben Cronin.

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In episode 39 of the Let’s Talk About Digital Identity podcast, host Oscar is joined by Ben Cronin, Managing Director of UBO Service. They discuss the challenges that UBO Service solves around verifying Ultimate Beneficiary Owners, how it’s leveraging LEIs for KYC and enhanced CDD, and the GLEIF’s validation agent (VA) framework.

Ben Cronin headshot

Ben Cronin

“It was very obvious to us that adding the LEI to that identification piece was very powerful because you’re really identifying and verifying the entity to a very high standard. By using data that we get from official government registries – adding that to an LEI just makes complete perfect sense to us.”


About UBO Service

UBO Service offers an innovative new solution for obliged entities to capture accurate Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) declarations in real-time. From start-ups to large corporate entities, it helps businesses transform customer journeys, by accelerating their compliance process and reducing their regulatory risk. For more information visit www.uboservice.com.

About Ubisecure & RapidLEI

Ubisecure is an accredited Local Operating Unit (LOU), also known as an LEI Issuer, for the GLEIF through its RapidLEI service and is the number one issuer of LEIs worldwide. Find out about becoming a RapidLEI partner at rapidlei.com/partners.

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