Listen to Ubisecure & RapidLEI CEO, Simon Wood, on the State of Identity podcast. With host Cameron D’Ambrosi from One World Identity, Simon discusses trusting an individual’s digital right to represent their organisation.

The conversation explores:

  • Current challenges of proving an individual’s right to represent their organisation
  • How digitising representation governance is made possible by trust anchors and delegation – with the benefits here from the globally-applicable Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)
  • What benefits digitisation of representation enables
  • How the Finnish government digitised representation governance
  • Predictions for digital identity in the year ahead

“…What [the LEI issuance process] gives us is a trust anchor which couples a director of the organisation to a highly- assured record for that organisation. Coupled with the identity access management platform we have, we can now enable an authentication scenario that then returns your representation rights for that organisation. So you’ve now transitioned from what was a manual checking of documents, understanding process to a standard online authentication, which returns your association with a highly-assured organisation. The act of issuing that LEI has allowed us to generate that linkage between the individual and the organisation and that is the trust anchor that has been missing so far to date to enable these representation government services to take place.

Listen to the podcast now, or find the transcript on the Ubisecure website.