The GLEIF’s Registration Agent program allows an RA to act as the primary interface for legal entities wishing to obtain an LEI, benefitting the Legal Entity applying with expert local knowledge, language support and complementary business services. RapidLEI’s identity management platform is designed to gather accurate Legal Entity Reference Data (LE-RD) from business registries in real time, as well as providing LEI registration and renewal services.

Today RapidLEI, Ubisecure’s Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) service, announced a partnership with Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), a dedicated business registry operating in the UAE. The partnership sees ADGM become a Registration Agent (RA) for RapidLEI, utilising the RapidLEI platform to add LEIs to their portfolio of business services, and RapidLEI integrating ADGM’s business registry data to its automated LEI issuance workflow.

The new partnership with RapidLEI offers a compelling strategy to maximise the LEI opportunity for ADGM, which offers a fast, cost effective, and low risk alternative to becoming a directly accredited GLEIF Local Operating Unit (LOU) in the UAE.

RapidLEI and Ubisecure’s Senior Vice President, Identity Services, Steve Roylance, said: “Business registries and RapidLEI are a perfect match. We already interface with many business registries directly, extracting registry data through application programming interface (API) for enhanced efficiency and accuracy. This has led to RapidLEI becoming the number one LEI issuer for data quality. The reciprocal use of API connections maximises the value proposition for both companies, keeps costs low and is mutually beneficial for all parties, most importantly the Legal Entity requiring the LEI and stakeholders around the world that rely upon it.”

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