Today we’re excited to announce exciting progress connecting the Certificate Authority ecosystem and LEI ecosystem as we announce a strategic partnership with European CA FirmaPro. The partnership will see FirmaPro incorporate Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) into its personal Qualified Digital Certificate products.

The Qualified Digital Certificate links a legal representative of an organisation to their verified organisation, with the LEI providing the identity proofing for the organisation and eIDAS providing the identity proofing for the individual. We believe the partnership will enhance how companies can assert their strong, highly assured organisation identity in digital signatures and other PKI-enabled applications.

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“It is fantastic to be partnering with RapidLEI to provide a standardised organisation identifier in our Qualified Digital Certificates. FirmaPro is committed to digital identity innovation, and Ubisecure’s RapidLEI platform makes it the best choice of LEI issuer to complement our eIDAS initiatives.”
Xavier Tarres, General Manager FirmaPro

“With extensive experience in the Certificate Authority industry and now in the LEI industry, I have first-hand experience of the level of trust that both ecosystems can deliver. Both are enablers of secure and transparent business, which is why they complement each other so well. I’m delighted that Ubisecure is partnering with FirmaPro as they share our vision for the Qualified Digital Certificate enhancements made possible by the LEI.”
Chris Hudson, Director of Channel Sales at RapidLEI

To launch the partnership, Firma Pro is offering its customers LEIs at promotional pricing of 60. If your organisation does not yet have an active LEI, go to and apply. LEIs are processed using RapidLEI’s automation technology and issued in just minutes.

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