What is Level 1 and Level 2 legal entity data?

When published, LEI codes are delivered with an underlying Common Data Format (CDF) structure. This Legal Entity Reference Data (LE-RD) covers items such as Legal Entity Form, Legal Entity Status, Legal Name and Legal Entity Address.

The Global LEI Foundation refers to this as Level 1 data. i.e. Who is Who. Level 2 data was introduced in May 2017 to provide details of Who own Whom. Where parents exist (parent being defined from an accounting perspective) then Legal Entity Relationship Records (LE-RR)s are also delivered in a CDF structure. If no Ultimate or Direct parents exist then Exception Records are necessary.

Ideally LE-RR data delivers the LEI codes of parents as part of the data struction, however, in cases where an LEI has not yet been issued to a parent then PRD (Parent Reference Data) is taken to help the GLEIF build a better picture of relationships to ensure enhancements to the GLEIS model are effective.

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