Let’s talk about digital identity with Schehrezade Davidson, Tricerion, Sarah Walton,  Women in Identity, and Amit Sharma, FinClusive.

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In this Identity Story Series  special, episode 67 explores inclusive identity and the importance of making identity solutions inclusive for everyone. Oscar is joined by Schehrezade Davidson, CEO of Tricerion, Sarah Walton, Code of Conduct Programme Manager at Women in Identity, and Amit Sharma, Founder and CEO at FinClusive, to discuss how digital identity can help with inclusive access – from logging into apps, to accessing essential services, and especially how barriers to organisation identity is impacting individuals.

“If the onus is on the individual to authenticate themselves, those in the industry need to make it truly inclusive with alternative ways, depending on a customer’s needs.” ~ Schehrezade Davidson

Schehrezade Davidson

Schehrezade Davidson is the CEO of Tricerion Limited, a company that owns novel patented mutual authentication software using image passwords. Find Schehrezade on LinkedIn. Find out more about Tricerion at tricerion.com. Schehrezade has appeared on the podcast twice before, talking about: neurographic passwords (episode 26) and immunity passports (episode 41).

“This is very much something that is very commercially important but it’s also extremely important to people’s lives and livelihoods on an individual basis.” ~ Dr Sarah Walton

Sarah Walton

Dr Sarah Walton is a digital consultant, author, coach and public speaker. She founded Counterpoint in 2003 to support organisations become digital, innovate and grow. Most recently she led the UK Open Finance programme and is Women in Identity’s ID Code of Conduct Programme Manager, as well as being commissioned by the Open Identity Exchange to author ID Inclusion reports. Find Sarah on Twitter @sarahlwalton and on LinkedIn. Find out more about Women in Identity at www.womeninidentity.org.

“From a macroeconomic perspective, it’s important to note that identity challenges are often seen as just at the individual level, but these at the institutional or entity level are equally important.” ~ Amit Sharma

Amit Sharma headshot

Amit Sharma has engaged in a myriad of roles that intersect financial markets, risk management, regulatory compliance, and international development. He is the Founder and CEO of FinClusive, a hybrid FinTech and RegTech company dedicated to financial inclusion. Connect with Amit on Twitter @ASharma_VT and on LinkedIn. Find out more about FinClusive at finclusive.com. Amit has featured on the podcast before, discussing the role of identity in financial inclusion (episode 51).

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