Let’s talk about digital identity with Elizabeth Garber, Editor of GAIN.

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In episode 52, Elizabeth explores the recently announced Global Assured Identity Network (GAIN) initiative. examining the Global Assured Identity Network (GAIN) initiative in episode 52, providing insights into its purpose and distinguishing it from other trust networks. She sheds light on why GAIN is beneficial for financial institutions and elaborates on the involvement of the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) in the project. Furthermore, Elizabeth provides an overview of what’s to come for GAIN.

“This is really going to unleash creativity and expand access to individuals and communities and sellers all around the world.”

Elizabeth GarberElizabeth Garber is a customer and product strategist who started her career in telecommunications and honed her craft in six different industries before joining one of the world’s largest retail banks. She is an expert in designing experiences and delivering transformational change based on a deep understanding of people. This interest has underpinned her graduate studies of the psychology of cross functional teams as well as how customers define value in relation to services they use.

In 2015, she was named one of the top 3 marketers under 30 by the UK Marketing Society and was recognised by Energy UK and EY for her work building Trust across the UK energy industry. In 2017 she won the Financial Times/30% club ‘Women in Leadership’ award.

Elizabeth recently played a leading role editing the paper published by more than 150 Identity experts – GAIN: How Financial Institutions are taking a leadership role in the Digital Economy by establishing a Global Assured Identity Network. It was announced at the European Identity and Cloud Conference on 13 September by Nat Sakimura, chairman of the OpenID Foundation, and Gottfried Leibbrandt, former CEO of Swift, and then published by, among others, the Institute of International Finance.

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