December has been a special month for LEIs, Legal Entity Identifiers, on the Ubisecure Let’s talk about digital identity podcast. This month has featured not one, but two episodes around LEIs with exciting guests, Clare Rowley, GLEIF, Chris Southworth, ICC United Kingdom, and Oswald Kuyler, MonetaGo. These episodes cover the history of business identities and the creation of the LEI featuring the Global LEI Foundation (GLEIF), as well as all about the recent Electronic Trade Documents Bill featuring the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and partner MonetaGo.

LEI and History of Identities – Episode 81

History of LEI blog image

Clare Rowley, Head of Business Operations at the GLEIF joins podcast host Oscar, in one of our ‘Identity Stories’ series.

While Oscar explores the history of identities for businesses – when business identities started and what companies used before the LEI. Clare covers the reason behind the creation of the LEI. Revealing how the 2008-2009 financial crash was a key player in the importance of the LEI and the construction of the governance structure designed by the Financial Stability Board to identify legal entities. Which lead to the creation of the three layers of the governance structure and the LEI. Which is the Regulatory Oversight Committee, Global LEI Foundation, the GLEIF, and LEI issuers – set up to be an inclusive system to gain input from all sectors, both public and private. Clare then goes on to discuss how the LEI was introduced and the adoption of the LEI, which was encouraged by being compliant to upcoming regulations.

Oscar and Clare also discuss the future of the LEI and what affects the current economic uncertainty has had. Including what new challenges are being faced and how the GLEIF and the LEI are evolving to respond to these challenges.

Listen to the episode LEI and History of Identities in Businesses or watch the transcript video on YouTube.

Electronic Trade Documents Bill – Episode 82

Chris Southwater & Oswald Kuyler blog image

Chris Southworth Secretary General at the ICC United Kingdom and Oswald Kuyler Global Head of Strategy at MonetaGo joined our podcast for episode 82, to talk about the Electronic Trade Documents Bill, which is currently going through the UK parliament, on a fast-track with hopes for the bill to come into force mid-2023.

The Electronic Trade Documents Bill is a piece of law which will bring digital documentation onto the same legal footing as paper documents – this will help trade to become more efficient, allowing transactions to happen in real time.

Oswald and Chris provide great insights into the aims and benefits of the Electronic Trade Documents Bill and expected adoption both in the UK and globally to improve trade processes in all markets. And how the LEI model can also help speed up and improve these systems. They also explore what they think business leaders, for big and small companies, should be looking to implement to benefit their systems and processes. Including businesses having their LEI and sharing across the organisation to utilise the benefits.

To find out more about the Electronic Trade Documents Bill listen to the episode or watch the transcript video on YouTube.

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