Let’s talk about digital identity with Michael Palage, InfoNetworks.

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Michael Palage, co-founder of InfoNetworks, joined Oscar on the #LDATI Podcast, in episode 77. They discuss what DNS can bring to identity, the problems DNS can help solves, how it fits with TRAIN, and how LEI’s are part of the solution.

“The other thing that I think is unique about the work that GLEIF does, is not only do they work, not only at a standards level within ISO and some of the work they’re doing with the Trust Over IP foundation, but they also are very active in ensuring that the LEIs are recognised in individual national laws.”

Michael Palage

Michael Palage is an intellectual property attorney and an information technology consultant. He has been actively involved in Internet Governance and ICT issues over the last twenty years. During this time, he has been intimately involved in ICANN operational and policy matters since its formation in both an individual and leadership role, including a three-year term on the ICANN Board of Directors. Currently, Michael is President and CEO of Pharos Global, Inc. which provides consulting and management services to domain name registration authorities and other technology related companies in connection with Internet governance issues. He is also the co-founder of InfoNetworks LLC, an information technology company focused on solutions for building online trusted ecosystems incorporating the federation verified data. He has testified before the United States Congress multiple times and as an expert witness in both Federal and State Court in numerous legal proceedings.

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