Today we announce that Certum, the European Certificate Authority, has joined RapidLEI’s LEI program for CAs and will include LEIs as an organisation identity attribute in TLS/SSL Certs. Certum joins DigiCert and FirmaPro in its public support for the LEI opportunity for CAs.

Read the full press Certum press release.

“It’s important to continually evaluate how our Certificate products can be enhanced to deliver additional trust and transparency to relying parties. The standardisation used within the LEI ecosystem makes them a valuable attribute, and one that logically enhances TLS/SSL Certificates. We also expect that the RapidLEI service will help our validation team issue organisation-validated TLS/SSL Certificates faster, providing a better customer experience for our partners and customers.”

Tomasz Litarowicz, Unit Director at Certum

“Certum joining Ubisecure’s LEI program for CAs shows commitment to delivering enhanced transparency and trust in their TLS/SSL products. Certum has a strong partner network and many customers throughout Europe, and we’re very excited to play our part delivering the value that LEI provide to a wider, Certificate-focused customer base.”

Chris Hudson, Director of Channel at Ubisecure’s RapidLEI division

“There have been many changes in recent years to improve the security delivered by to TLS/SSL Certificates. By incorporating LEIs as an organisation identifying attribute, we see a positive action to also enhance how Certificates deliver transparency, trust, and accountability. As both a Certum and RapidLEI partner, we welcome this partnership and the potential it brings.”

Patrycja Tulinska, CEO at PSW GROUP

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