Today we announced a new partnership with New York-based CS Essential Services to address the urgent need for managed Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) services in the US. CB Essential Services are now an official RapidLEI Registration Agent (RA), registering and managing all back-office functions related to LEIs for its customers.

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Matthew Boyle, Founder at CB Essential Services, said, “My eternal goal is to render abstract formal processes efficient, humanistic. The LEI is increasing trust in transactions worldwide and has huge potential to increase trust in multiple use cases as a global identifier. It’s CB Essential Services’ intention to simplify LEI management for customers, ensuring they can leverage the LEI’s full potential without any of the administration time involved in its upkeep.”

Chris Hudson, Director of Channel Sales at RapidLEI, said, “As our global expansion continues, it’s fantastic to have CB Essential Services on board to address the US market’s need for managed LEIs. It’s important for RapidLEI’s growth to have partners with knowledge of and connections to local drivers and requirements with regard to LEIs.”

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