As of 1st March, the ROC’s long-awaited new Common Data File (CDF) formats are now available in the Global LEI System (GLEIS). RapidLEI is among the first LEI Issuers to support the changes in its Identity Platform, with all Data Consumers/LEI Issuers required to complete the changes this month.

Find out more details in the press release.


What’s changing?

We now report new data within LEI registrations (including renewals and transfers), including the following:

  • Legal Entity Events – such as mergers, acquisitions, or entity name changes
  • Funds Relationships and Government Entities – ability to report on complex groupings of entities, beyond previous “parent” capabilities
  • Other new inputs – further available entity categories and foundation date

The new information will further enhance trust in entity identification, providing greater transparency over who is who, who owns who, and who is connected.


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