Continuing our month of RapidLEI partnership announcements, we’re delighted to announce ManagedLEI from Trusted Identity!

The full press release is available at 


In summary:

Today RapidLEI, a GLEIF-accredited LEI issuer, announced a strategic partnership with UK-based LEI Registration Authority, Trusted Identity. The companies have a shared vision of the importance of Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) to digital identity and the value of the innovative automated approach pioneered by RapidLEI.

Trusted Identity Managing Director, Cristina Hudson, says “LEIs are clearly becoming mainstream and RapidLEI’s ground-breaking technology ensures accuracy and cost and time efficiency. So I knew that this was the best solution for our customers, inspiring me to found a new branch of Trusted Identity – ManagedLEI – to focus on this venture.”

Nilesh Patel, Channel Manager at RapidLEI, says “The USP of RapidLEI is improved customer experience via the faster and easier issuance process, but also via our global partner-first approach. Customers in the UK will be able to get expert local support from ManagedLEI, with the added bonus of buying directly from their site using our new API.”

LEIs are available now at