Today, Ubisecure announces a new service within its RapidLEI product range designed for Banks to better manage Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) and reduce the risk of lapsed identifiers.

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Paul Tourret, Corporate Development Officer at Ubisecure said: “As banks increasingly depend on LEIs for business-critical processes, it’s crucial that they are managed seamlessly and securely. RapidLEI has pioneered automated same-session issuance technology, letting algorithms do the heavy lifting so our customers save time and money compared with traditional methods.

“To meet the demand of the banking community we’ve developed a solution that combines the technology advantages of our platform with independently rated 5 Star customer service and enterprise class account management. We are focused on removing the risk, cost and headaches banks face when managing their internal and client LEIs.”

The new solution provides LEI discovery and single view consolidation, automated registration, and renewal protection, while reducing the LEI management burden on the bank’s administration teams.

RapidLEI from Ubisecure solves the issues of urgently needed LEIs or lapsed LEIs by helping banks to ensure that internal and client LEIs are automatically issued and renewed with minimal time and effort. The service enables banks to take control with easy steps: firstly discovering all existing LEIs within their own group or client groups; then consolidating them in a single view; automating new issuance and avoiding lapsed LEIs with multi-year and alerts. This is all with support from a dedicated account manager and a single contract.

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