On 9th July, RapidLEI announced a new strategic partnership with LEI Worldwide. The collaboration will see LEI Worldwide, a global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Registration Agent (RA), move all of their existing LEI business over to RapidLEI, an LEI issuance market disruptor. In doing so, LEI Worldwide customers will benefit from faster and easier automated LEI issuance, made possible through the implementation of RapidLEI’s API.

For more information on both companies and partnership details, read the full press release.

Darragh Hayes, Director at LEI Worldwide says, “The LEI has the potential to connect the business world globally and to create a future of financial transparency and enhanced security. With RapidLEI, we can achieve that for our customers in the most efficient way possible – in minutes. We’re also excited to work with an LOU that is partner-first, which will give us the support and tools to further increase our success.”

Paul Tourret, Corporate Development Officer at RapidLEI says, “I’m delighted to be working with LEI Worldwide. Their global operations represent the rising international demand for LEIs and, for us, the continuation of our largescale expansion. The fact that yet another RA is moving their business to RapidLEI is further proof of our market disruption and we expect to see many more RAs following the same route to success.”

Are you an LEI RA? Find out more about moving your business to RapidLEI – https://rapidlei.com/partners/