As 2020 gets underway, Ubisecure starts the year with several market milestones for our RapidLEI Legal Entity Identifier service. In January, we issued LEIs to 2052 validated organisations, just a handful behind Bloomberg who issued 2149. With DTCC (GMEI) marginally leading the pack, RapidLEI has firmly established its consistent position in the top 3 LEI Issuers worldwide.

Top LEI Issuers

New LEIs issued (organisation validated)

After less than two years in operation, we are now issuing 1 in 8 new LEIs! We also look to be on track to overtake Bloomberg in monthly new LEI issuance (possibly as soon as next month). Here’s our progress for January broken down by the numbers:

  • #1 issuer outside of the US
  • #1 issuer in Denmark, Australia, Estonia
  • Top #3 issuer in UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Norway, India
  • Issued 1 in 8 of all new LEIs
  • 25k+ Organizations now choose RapidLEI

RapidLEI growth LEI January 2020

LEI issuance growth since launch in June 2018

Partners continue to power the growth

Our ever-growing LEI partner network continue to be the primary driver behind this commercial growth. In the last few months, we’ve announced partnerships with DigiCert, PSW Group, and ISIN2LEI and we have many more to announce over the next few weeks. We now have strong regional expertise via our partners throughout all of Europe and with DigiCert onboard, we now deepen the LEI accessibility in the US and Canada.

New Programs driving new use cases

The GLEIF is forecasting that the LEI universe will explode from approx. 1.5m today to 20m+ in the very near future. Our LEI automation technology combines speed with data accuracy, creating new LEI use cases to fuel this “Global LEI System 2.0” growth.

The majority of our issued LEIs are now processed via the LEI API (the industry’s only same-session LEI issuance API). We’re seeing LEIs get integrated into digital products like Digital Certificates and Site Seals and just launched the new LEI Marketplace to promote these LEI-based solutions.

We also announced the LEI for Banking pilot program to help banks better utilise the KYC and onboarding power of LEIs to gain efficiencies and improve user experience. These new use cases, LEI-enabled products, and expanded market, will help LEI uptake explode.

With our sights now firmly set on bringing the RapidLEI formula for disruption to North America, our Partner Program is open to potential new partners with presence in the region.

Do get in touch to hear more about how LEIs can provide value to your product or workflow, or provide you with immediate incremental recurring revenue.

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