When LEIs are issued, they are entered into the GLEIF public database. Anyone can check the issuance data and statistics which gives complete transparency to the data quality. It also means we can easily analyse the issuance trends of each LEI issuer.

Today we have announced our quarter one ‘results’, and they make for a good read!


LEI Issuance Stats q1 2019


In the 9 months of RapidLEI being operational:

  • We issued LEIs to over 6000 companies around the world
  • Almost 2000 of which were issued in March alone, making us the 4th largest issuer for that month
  • We grew 135% in the first quarter of 2019

RapidLEI’s 135% growth compares to 12% from Bloomberg, 2% from DTCC (GMEI Utility) and 2% from the London Stock Exchange – other GLEIF accredited LEI issuers. The majority of the companies to which we’ve issued LEIs have never had an LEI before. This means we are making progress towards one of our most important LEI goals – that LEIs should be made accessible to a wider audience.

Our pace so far in April suggests that quarter two and the rest of the year will blow the quarter one numbers away. Despite our growth, RapidLEI has managed to maintain amazing customer service (as shown in our 9.4 TrustPilot satisfaction score). It’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of the RapidLEI team and partner network.

It’s important to our overall LEI vision that we build a large universe of high-quality LEIs. This in turn supports our upcoming solution connecting individuals and their rights to highly assured organisations. As Paul Tourret, our Corporate Development Officer said in the press release:

“We can now focus on bringing the greater value of LEIs to the world – namely new use cases and services using LEIs as the central identifier. That’s how organisations all over the world will benefit most from the assurance capabilities of the LEI system and ultimately why Ubisecure became an accredited LEI issuer.”

Thank you to our partners and of course the 6000+ companies that have trusted us to validate their company identity data and issue their LEIs. We look forward to increasing our customer base by several orders of magnitude as the year progresses.