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What information can be seen in an LEI code?

The LEI code itself is just a number. There’s another file, or LEI data record, which accompanies each LEI which is presented in a standard format so it can be read and understood by multiple applications. This CDF (Common Data File) format file contains:-

  • The Entity Legal Name.
  • The Entity Legal Form (Now referred to a ELF)
  • The Entity Legal Status expressed as either ACTIVE or INACTIVE
  • The Registration Authority which is usually the business register where the Legal entity is formed
  • The Legal Address and Headquarters addresses (Which may be the same)
  • Date of the first LEI issuance
  • Date of last update of the stored information
  • Date and reason the LEI expires
  • Optionally additional information if the LEI is DUPLICATED or ANNULLED or the Legal Entity is MERGED or RETIRED

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