We have another announcement that continues to evolve (and disrupt) the LEI ecosystem for the better. Today we are pleased to announce a new strategic relationship with GoGetSSL – one of the largest SSL resellers in the world.

This relationship firms up our commitment to widening the availability of LEIs. Making LEIs more accessible will further our vision of LEIs being a central organisation identifier in the interactions between the three identity domains – individuals, organisations and things.


“We see LEIs going the same way as SSL in terms of mass global adoption. RapidLEI are the perfect partner for this venture as they are well-known for their disruptive automation technology, driving down the price for buyers and ensuring greater accuracy for LEIs.”
Vladislavs Dovoreckis, CEO at GoGetSSL™


“GoGetSSL will be a perfect partner for us to help execute our shared vision, driving adoption of LEIs across the globe. The company’s success with internet security software firm and SSL partner, Sectigo (formally Comodo), paves the way for our own partnership success in this exciting new LEI space.”
Nilesh Patel, Channel Manager at RapidLEI


The GoGetSSL team has built a powerhouse of a brand in the SSL space in recent years. The company commands a sizeable global market share, established through excellent customer service and highly competitive pricing. We look forward to where this relationship takes our companies as we work towards our shared vision for LEI.

You can read the full press release here – https://www.ubisecure.com/about/news-events/gogetssl-resell-legal-entity-identifiers


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