Today we announced that Nilesh Patel has joined Ubisecure as the new channel manager for our RapidLEI legal entity identifier service.

Many people at Ubisecure have known Nilesh professionally for many years – mostly from our days operating GlobalSign and other Certificate Authorities. Nilesh played a great part in building a global channel for Comodo and helped the company become the largest issuer of SSL Certificates for any commercial CA. No small feat in times of extreme competition in the SSL market.

Now we have Nilesh on our side of the table, he will being the same thing for Ubisecure’s LEI business by establishing new strategic relationships, aligning new LEIs use cases, and helping partners succeed with the LEI opportunity with a new MDF programme. RapidLEI is already growing at an incredible rate – last quarter we recorded a 600% quarter on quarter growth, outpacing all other LEI issuers. Nilesh will further push this growth as he brings on board an extended channel.

Welcome Nilesh, great to finally be working with you!

Learn more about becoming a RapidLEI partner at or contact [email protected] for program details.


Full press release available at and the management quotes are below:


Paul Tourret, Corporate Development Director for RapidLEI: “During his time at Comodo, Nilesh built arguably the largest channel for transactional online security products in the industry. He understands what makes a channel successful in terms of providing support, integration, management and margin potential. We are privileged to have someone as accomplished as Nilesh join the RapidLEI team at this time of high growth.”


Nilesh Patel, Channel Manager for RapidLEI: “SSL became ubiquitous when it became an automated security technology, and because of the tens of thousands of channel partners that made it easily accessible. I see LEIs heading down the exact same path. LEIs are already a critical identity product for over a million organisations and, now that RapidLEI has automated the provisioning, we are opening up a much wider market. We will bring on board a much more diverse channel, and the end result will make it faster and easier for organisations to register and renew their LEIs at a lower cost. It’s an exciting time to join RapidLEI as we set our sights on disrupting the market for the benefit of all LEI stakeholders.”


Steve Waite, CMO for RapidLEI: “Getting SSL to ubiquity took many years of positive pressure to address the need for encryption on the Internet. It’s great that problem is now mostly solved but the need to address an organisation’s digital identity remains. As a G20-backed identifier, we expect LEIs to reach mass adoption much faster due to the urgent need to address digital identity.”