In December 2022, the US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) announced a Global Business Identifier (GBI) pilot program to test the concept of a single business identifier solution. The aim of the evaluative proof of concept (EPoC) is to improve the US Government’s ability to efficiently identify high-risk shipments and facilitate legitimate trade.

Legal Entity Identifiers are core to realizing the modernization vision of the EPoC which is to ultimately replace the decades old Manufacturer/Shipper Identification (MID) number.

Ubisecure and our RapidLEI service is pleased to support the CBP GBI initiative by offering discounted LEIs to participating legal entities from the trade community.

To obtain an LEI, visit RapidLEI’s Register LEI for US Organizations page to obtain the special pricing.

“The complexity of modern, global supply chains requires innovative solutions to increase transparency. Our hope for this pilot program is that it will give us a more complete picture of goods making their way into the U.S. so that we can focus enforcement efforts on high-risk shipments while ensuring the free flow of legal trade that supports our economy. With the GBI pilot, we expect improved data quality, industry cost and time savings, streamlined supply chain tracking, and increased protection from counterfeiting – wins for both the trade community and the U.S. government.”
AnnMarie R. Highsmith, Executive Assistant Commissioner, CBP Office of Trade