RapidLEI continues to change how companies acquire and manage their LEIs – this week we launch multi-year options. LEIs can now be purchased with validity of one to five years.


Moving to multi-year LEIs offers many benefits:

  • Avoid lapsed LEIs. Fines associated with incorrect reporting of LEIs is very real, as we saw with the $550k fine to Citibank in 2017.
  • Reduce administration of annual renewals. RapidLEI uses automated systems to check change in organisation details. Our systems will know if your details need to be updated at renewal, otherwise the LEI is processed for another year automatically.
  • You pay less! RapidLEI offers increasing discounts on each additional year, with up to 25% discounted from year five.


Offering multi-year LEIs is only possible when automated systems take the burden off all parties, and in this respect RapidLEI is unique.


Make sure you don’t have to deal with a lapsed LEI. Multi-year LEIs are available from https://rapidlei.com immediately.